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The global pandemic has been tough on all of us. At first it was surreal and then it became plainly obvious that this was something that would affect people worldwide. As we came to deal with it head on, we had to make adjustments to our daily living routines. For many, that meant a shift to virtual working environments and other online activities.

On the other hand, the Lymphie Strong community support groups have always been online. I have been receiving more and more testimonials from members who were in the middle of their transformation and finally reached their goals with knowledge and support from our groups. For them, it was not a shift in routine but more of a double down if you will.

It is my pleasure and honor to present the stories of these two wonderful women. If you feel isolated or alone in living with lymphedema, join our online support groups. Your transformation might not be overnight or immediate, but you’ll be glad you joined. Feel free to share your story with us.

Mia And The Mountains

Lymphedema Warrior

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💙MY LYMPHEDEMA STORY💙 In 2006, at the age of 27, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and told I only had a couple of weeks left to live. I was given the option of radiation or surgery. I chose surgery. My cervix, tubes, and uterus were removed. My ovaries were relocated within my body (just in case radiation followed, my ovaries would be safe from the radiation). I also had 39 lymph nodes removed to be tested. Turns out my lymph nodes were clear of cancer. Nobody ever told me that one day I might get lymphedema from the removal of lymph nodes. I went about life as normal. In 2010 after jumping up and down on hard ground my right ankle swelled. After doing some extensive research I told my PCP at that time I thought I had lymphedema. She agreed. I asked her what I should do and she told me just never gain weight and I would be fine so I spent the next 9 years without proper care going about my life as I normally would. The swelling progressed but it wasn't bad. In 2015 I developed my first bout of cellulitis. In 2017 while under weight, my right leg about doubled in size. I was able to get it to come down with a change in diet. In 2018 I developed cellulitis again twice. In 2019 my lymphedema went systemic. Then I saw Dr Karen Herbst who diagnosed me with Stage 2 LE due to early stages of fibrosis. She ordered the Flexitouch Pump with both leg and trunk attachments. Game changer!!! My fibrosis is no longer detectable in some areas and the swelling is very minimal. I did develope cellulitis 2 more times since I have been pumping but as I continue to use the pump, I am hoping it helps keep the infections away (last one Jan 2020). I have a CLT who trained my husband how to do MLD, I wear high waist compression panty hose and am proactive as possible about caring for my lymphedema to keep the swelling down. I have the Lymphie Strong support groups on Facebook to thank for all of the knowledge and support. 💙 The photo is of a painting I did of my surgery scar. I wear my scar proudly. I am and always will be Lymphie Strong. 💪 A big thanks to Veronica @lymphiestrong #lymphedema #cancersurvivor #tactilemedical

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