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Juzo New Products Review

So excited to publish my first ever LE product review on the newest decongestive products from Juzo for lymphedema!  I mean I am super stoked.  Once again, I’m not a professional writer, but I thought the community would be just as excited as I am to hear about them.  Some of this information has already been shared with my Facebook group, the Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group and Lymphie Strong Facebook page, but this is the first blog post.


Juzo In-Service Demo

Back in late December I had the unique opportunity to attend an in-service presentation by a Houston area Juzo rep that my CLT invited me to attend while I was in CDT.  I was absolutely amazed by the presentation and asked if it would be possible to try out some of the products on a sample or trial basis.  Here’s a video I put together of the demo.




About 10 days later, Juzo sent me a box that arrived a day before Christmas no less.  It was full of their latest products.  I couldn’t help but think my Dad was working some Christmas magic from heaven.  I also think it’s funny that people like us get so excited about ANYTHING that can potentially make our living with lymphedema easier in any form or fashion.

My therapy continued and in February I was finally discharged.  This whole time we experimented with the products, and I am ready to publish this post.  For each product, I will add the link to the formal page on the product for a more thorough technical description.

Product Reviews

Juzo SoftCompress

Juzo SoftCompress by itself is a compression bandage alternative that you can put under short stretch instead of the stockinette and gauze and all that.

  • 100% cotton covering, great for sensitive skin
  • Core made from foam
  • Vertically-stitched foam channels
  • Machine wash
  • Saves time when applying bandaging
  • Makes self-bandaging easier

All I can say is that it is a super soft material. You would want a pillow made out of it. Very plush and only comes in white.  Potentially very hot if you live in a southern climate.  Admittedly, the new calf wrap concept takes some getting used to if you are used to wrapping around the entire foot. There is a soft band at the bottom.

Wrapping was lightning fast!  I did reduce, and they did get loose.  No different from traditional wrapping, but reduction is the objective of course.  However, it was much easier to re-wrap and adjust.  For the thigh, there is a SoftCompress Roll that you use to complete the entire leg.  I was able to machine wash and dry on a low setting with no issues.


Juzo SoftCompress Liners and Pads

These are like swell spots though it’s not advertised that way. The SoftCompress Genital Pad was very soft both for male and female genitalia. In my opinion, way softer than the swell spot I have here at home for my truncal LE in my back. They also have a bustier for the trunk, which I intend to get my hands on somehow.

Juzo Therapy Tape

The Juzo version of kinesiology tape. So far they have black, blue, tan, and pink. Latex free and the bomb dot com as far as adhesiveness. The backing sheet has a diamond pattern that you can use to gauge how far you are stretching it. My CLT tried this on my legs and back. It stayed for an entire week! Now I have had trouble with other tapes sticking to me, so I might be the odd duck here. This tape is different.  It’s slick on the outside, not cloth like some of the others.  When summer approaches, I will be getting the pink color.

Juzo TheraPad

Foam product to break up fibrosis. We love foam in the Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group! They sell this in sheets, and really great for cutting up and making foam chip bags.

download (1)


Juzo Pressure Monitor

This is really a tool for the certified lymphedema therapist.  An electronic gauge you can slide under your Velcro wraps to determine if you are in the range of your compression needs such as 30-40 mmhg. Very cool!


Juzo Compression Wrap

The Juzo Compression Wrap is a short stretch compression alternative wrap I tested and my absolute FAVORITE of all of these products. My favorite things about these wraps were that the colors were reversible – beige or black, your choice. They came with a 20-30 mmhg socks and liners for the legs. I was skeptical about this at first. Really, really skeptical. I said I needed the foot piece, because my ankles always blow up.


Well, for the sake of research and review, I tried the socks and calf wrap with knee wrap by themselves. I LOVED IT!! I could wear my tennis shoes with them, and they held really, really well! I was shocked at this. Then I received the foot piece and equally liked having the option of having it for that extra oomph on bad feet days.

They do have the thigh wraps as shown in the photo above. I had to use extra velcro pieces to keep them up and then ultimately decided to not use the thigh wraps. The socks, foot pieces, calf, and knee wraps have become an integral part of my lower extremity lymphedema tool box. I use them when I travel or know when I am going to have a tough day and would normally wrap. I know I will definitely use them for air travel due to ease of donning and readjustment.

I was in the market for a wrap product as a new tool when I received these, so I don’t have any comparison as I have not tried other wrap products. The bright side to this I that while I was in CDT, I lost a total of 1,366.34 ml of lymphatic gunk.  Our goal was 700 initially, but this knocked it out of the park and exceeded our expectations.  Quite frankly, we were stunned.  I didn’t realize how badly I needed a product like this in my life.


If you weren’t aware of these products, I’m just here to spread the message on what I learn.  You might like them or want to try them out! As for where to find them, try your local Juzo dealer or an an online dealer such as Lymphedema Products or Bandages Plus.  This site has no relationship with either online dealer site, but this is the number one question asked when I share information like this.  Where do I find these products?  Not everyone that follows this page has access to a brick and mortar establishment or a therapist that also fits for products. They are all off-the-shelf products.

For more information on these products, please visit the http://www.juzousa.com site. Feel free to leave questions in the comments. I’ll try to answer them as best I can or find out more information.

Wishing you great lymphatic health,

Lymphie Strong


This review is based on my personal opinion of the aforementioned products.  I received no remuneration for it, however, I was allowed to keep the sample products provided by the manufacturer.  Also, I have had lymphedema since 1994 but have virtually no fibrosis.  I am a bilateral lower extremity and truncal LE patient. My results might not be typical.

For more information, see my site disclaimer.

Lymphie Strong


  1. I really appreciate the review – thank you. Which of these products help with fibrosis — is it just the Thera Pads?

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