2023 #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge Series

Welcome to the #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge for Lymphedema & Lymphatic Health Series.


Move That Lymph as a phrase was coined by Lymphie Strong in 2017 and its hashtag #MOVETHATLYMPH was inspired by the fact that everyone has a lymphatic system.  Whether you have lymphatic disease or not, the human body was designed to #MOVETHATLYMPH because none of us have a lymphatic pump.  We must use our muscles to contract and move.

The #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge Series was launched in 2017 because exercise in any form is highly beneficial to the management of lymphedema. It’s a platform to get moving, stay moving and commit to your lymphatic health by doing something active, every day, for at least 10 minutes for 365 days straight. If you can do more, that’s great.  Inspire your fellow community members along the way.

For example, have you ever wished that you could go to the gym and workout with somebody that has lymphedema too?  That understands how critically important it is to wear compression and not ask “Why do you wear that sleeve or stocking?”

To find a virtual workout community, we invite you to join the Lymphie Strong Running & Fitness Club.  All that is required is that you answer the questionnaire and be impacted by lymphedema in some aspect of your life.  You may also tag @lymphiestrong on Instagram or Twitter.

Thank You JUZO USA!

Juzo USA has been the official sponsor of the Lymphie Strong #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge Series since 2017.

Since then, the Lymphie Strong Running & Fitness Club Facebook group has grown from less than 500 members to 3,322 members in 81 countries globally. We have had over 500 participants in 36 challenges from 19 of those countries and awarded compression garments or lymphedema products to both adults and children alike. This is a grassroots initiative in which we connect and shrink the worldwide lymphatic community by leveraging emerging social media technology. Nobody handed us a manual on how to do this. We set out to just get it done.

Along with compression therapy products, they support exercise as part of an overall lymphedema management program. We cannot thank them enough for their steadfast support of our community and helping us change lives. Thank you Juzo for sharing the vision early on and your support for three awesome years.

Visit What is Lymphedema and How Can it be Managed? and Exercise and Lymphedema: The Right Fit for more information.

What is Lymphedema and How Can it be Managed? via juzousa.com

2023 #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge Series


  • You will receive a virtual bib number as your identifier in the challenges. Use it as your hashtag in addition to new hashtags we have.
  • Shorter challenges this year!
  • Streamlined registration
  • Different types of challenges including Sleep and Meditation!

All of this is an effort to continuously improve our events for the year. Thanks for sticking with us, and we hope you enjoy each challenge. We plan to have 8 exciting events this year! Join one or join them all!!

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Move That Lymph Challenge Registration

For the most current registration link, visit our Lymphie Strong Linktree page or click any image below.

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We also thank all of our members past and present for making this program a success!!

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