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Lymphie Strong started out with two people and grows every single day worldwide.  Whether you are a patient group member, spouse, caregiver, medical professional, or involved some way in our community and have joined the fight against lymphatic disease, we welcome you and appreciate you being with us.

The following testimonials are the inspiration for continuing on this journey.   Every person has a story to tell, and I have met many of our members in person.  Our members share their successes, inspiration, pain, and struggles.  They are all locked in my heart, and I am a human vault.  When the advocacy road gets tough, I reread these words and find a path forward.  Many thanks for your support since 2015.

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Wishing you great lymphatic health,

Lymphie Strong


You’re so very welcome. Your Facebook groups have changed my life. Truly. I have an entirely different perspective on my “life with Lymphedema” because of the Facebook groups you created and the connections I’ve made all over the world. I don’t feel alone and afraid like I used to. I’m feeling more and more empowered by reading others’ experiences and learning how they are managing their LE. You’ve changed my life, Vern. And I’m so grateful. —DFK 

Lymphie Strong has changed my life with information, ideas, videos and so much more to help me survive this Lymphedema! I have learned about new Techniques, Garments, Foods how to take better care of myself! Vern and our Members are so caring and always sharing. I check this page everyday truthfully all day I don’t know what I would have done without this Group! —IVS

I would certainly recommend this group to any patient with lymphedema because being myself a patient:

– I learn a lot from this group as I have now more knowledge about lymphedema than my own family physician !

– The group moderator is very professional and the group members are very helpful and respectful

– There are a lot of helpful tips and reviews for medical compression garments and other related diseases such as lipedema

Thank you for having me on this group as a fellow lymphie and please keep up the good work. –OF

My 9 year old Daughter was recently diagnosed with Primary Lymphedema in her right foot and leg. We were so lucky to find a doctor who suspected what it was, and referred us to the right people to help, right away. While we were so lucky, it was explained to us that this is a rare thing in children of her age. It was so difficult to find anyone else who had heard of it, let alone gone through it. But then we found Lymphie Strong!! We found a whole world of people going through what she is everyday!! Suddenly she wasn’t alone in this at all!!

The love and support here, and on all related pages has been so wonderful!! I love seeing all the personal stories, and comments of love encouragement!! The fight that Lymphie Strong has chosen to advocate for gives us so much inspiration!! And MOTIVATION!!!

As my Daughter struggles to find her “new normal”, and as our family fights to find ways to help it BE more normal for her, the people here have made us feel like their arms are outstreched to accept us into the community!
My Daughter and I read through posts and comments together, and it fills us both with encouragement when we need it most!!
I’m utterly grateful to be part of this community!!

It’s so nice to have something like this group because nobody understands what your going thru unless they face Lymphedema. There is encouragement and positive energy which let’s you know your doing good. It’s one big family… –PD

I just watched your video and I want to mention that you are amazing! I am a newly certified CDT in Canada and I am so thankful you have allowed me to be part of The lymph strong community! The posts I read help me to understand the daily struggles and accomplishments everyone shares. I do not have lymphedema but my Goal is to open a lymphedema Clinic somewhere in Saskatchewan Canada in July of 2018.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to learn from the lymph strong community ! I have a passion for caring and learning and I want to help the Saskatchewan lymph community! We do not have a support group in Saskatchewan, but with the help of another CDT in Saskatchewan our goal is to form a support group here. Thanks again for helping me learn to be the best CDT I can be! –GM

I live in a big city now, with excellent, knowledgeable medical professionals, but there are no lymphedema support groups here. I’ve coped with lymphedema for over a decade, but I’ve never met another person with lymphedema in their legs face-to-face. This online community IS my support group and network that helps me survive and thrive, laugh and go on. Importantly, some members’ LE is much milder than mine, while others’ is far more advanced and disabling. It doesn’t matter; we’re all in this together, and we all have experience, strength, and hope to share. A HUGE thank you to Vern Seneriz for founding and sustaining this essential and unique community! –SS

I love the support from the admins and participants. I also love the community of sharing and togetherness! –DO

I have lymphedema in both of my legs (and now my stomach), and knew very little about the condition. Thank goodness FB has pages and groups, and one of these is Lymphie Strong. I’ve learned so much about this condition because of this page. This information has helped me to advocate for myself (which in turn advocates for others when the medical professionals I work with learn about real life with lymphedema)…. Because of this knowledge, was able to get a referral for certified treatment. I now have less fluid in my legs and stomach, know better how to manage lymphedema, and have much less pain!! –JF

I discovered this page after I was diagnosed with secondary lymphedema. It was been so informative and a great place to gather information about a condition that no one asked to have. Highly recommend! –TK

I appreciate the support kindness and information that is shared in this group. With a condition that last a lifetime it is great to know you are not alone on this fight for good health! Thank you to Vern and all who help make this happen! -KC

This site is so important in helping me with my lymphedema!! Mostly, it helps me know that I am not alone. –TC

An amazing supportive on line community group facilitated with care and love. Thank you so much, I’m so glad I found you. –-ADC

This is the most encouraging site on the planet for Lymphedema/Lipedema survivors. We are a community of overcomers and I’m blessed to know so many of them! –MA

I have learned so much and found a source of support! –MWM

The support from this group is such a big help. It’s so nice to not feel alone dealing with lymphedema. I have learned so much from this group. It’s really nice to be able to share lymphedema experiences with others. –EW

There is so much support, encouragement, and Love! You learn so much that you did not know before. What a Blessing! Love you all! –AW

Lymphie Strong is an important resource for all of us fighting and living our best lives with lymphedema! –PP

I love Lymphie Strong. This group makes you feel like you are not alone. –CB

Great source of information to be found here. Good resource to have in our toolkit. –MP

Lymphedema is so difficult to live with! Lymphie brothers & sisters nurture, advise & encourage daily!! –AD

Supportive, full of information, gentle, lobbying on behalf of the group, worldwide. We have a voice! –PG

I could not ask for such an amazing support group that V offers us. The education tools she gives the inspiration she gives and all the hours she spends. Such an amazing community. –KK

I find the kinship, friendship, and sharing of successes and failures to help me feel not so alone in a world where LE is largely ignored and unknown. –BB

Beyond support, which is invaluable, the shared knowledge base has saved me. Vern is a life-saver, as are all of the lymphies on this and other sites. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. –EB

Hands down the most supportive, informative, compassionate, and positive group I am happy to say I am a member of. –MR

Awesome group of people that care about you and issues concerning lymphedema!! –SN

Such a wonderful community to come to for advice, sharing and encouragement. Love it. –CMM

This group is AMAZING! After having LE for 15 years and having no information and no doctors that truly understood how to treat it, Vern and the members of this group have given me not only support, but tools and so much information and suggestions… and made me finally see that I wasn’t crazy. I’ve been able to find an LE doctor and discuss my diagnosis and treatment and have made some serious progress. LE is real and together we can lift each other up and fight this. And we can have a few laughs at ourselves along the way. This group has truly been a life saver. –JSG

So much love and support and wonderfully strong people. –TZ

The dedication of a strong knowledgeable, dedicated site owner. I have met Vern and know her story. A trustworthy site. –RC

After being diagnosed with Lymphedema post cancer surgery, I felt so alone and isolated. I try not to burden my caring and supportive family as I feel my role is to be strong and available to them. Lymphie Strong support group has saved me from myself! I have found a family who understands without having to explain the daily challenges of living with LE. I am so grateful for the admin Vern, for creating a safe haven for us lymphies to walk the journey together- where we learn from each other, support each other and empower one another. –EDS

***** The absolutely best lymphedema support group on the web. –NW

The support is outstanding, I’m not alone! –SG

I have primary lymphedema in the right leg . Just want to thank you for all support from Lymphie Strong. –DM

I am so thankful that I found fellow lymphies on Lymphie Strong!! Last year was agonizing as I kept searching for doctors and the reason for my pain, swelling and redness. Life is getting better and better for me with all the knowledge this group has shared with me! In the last 3 months I have reduced swelling (gotten a Certified Lymphedema Therapist), reduced pain (wear compression and got a Flexitouch machine), and increased life – exponentially – with each new therapy/treatment/diet change. Thank you. –BF

Great group of people with tons of knowledge and support for those of us with LE, CVI and Lipedema. –JWH

The support and education received this group is instrumental in the success dealing with lymphedema. –NGB

I learn every day something new about managing my Lymphyedema. –SD





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