Lymphie Strong Group Inbox

Thanks for being part of our community and reaching out to the Lymphie Strong Group Inbox.  With almost 10,000 members across 3 groups, it’s more efficient to streamline this process by having a group inbox for communication.

For questions unrelated to Lymphie Strong groups or events, check the FAQ.


Before you submit a question, have you read the Announcements section of the group?

The Announcements section is always at the top of the group and contains important links with information.


Not a member of our online communities? Check here for the different groups you can join to post your question.

Group Guidelines & Rules

Check the Group Guidelines & Rules for questions like…

  • I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post
  • Can I share my GoFundMe?

Post Approval Mode

All Lymphie Strong groups are now in post-approval mode.  This means it has to be approved by an Admin before appearing in the group.


If you have a question for a speaker, kindly submit the inbox form below.

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