Welcome to the FAQ page. The Lymphie Strong platform some months has almost a 100K engagement – this includes posting, liking, commenting, etc. It’s very hard to maintain messaging across different sites. As a result, my Facebook Messenger, Twitter Messages, and Instagram DM are not monitored.

To streamline and help, I have created a list of the most frequently asked questions. Click each link for more information.

Please allow 1-3 days for acknowledgement. I do have 6 chronic illnesses myself, and sometimes I’m not feeling well. I typically do not reply on weekends.

Thank you for your patience and respecting my personal health boundaries.

General Support

Do you have a general support question?

Examples: What is the best compression? What is a nighttime garment? Is this symptom normal? How can I exercise with lymphedema? Does food affect lymphedema?

Post general questions in our support groups. It’s better to have more feedback and a bigger pool to draw information from when problem solving or getting ideas for your lymphedema toolbox. I am not a medical professional. Please do not ask me if you have cellulitis or to read your test results.

Visit this link for a listing of our groups: https://lymphiestrong.com/lymphedema-online-support-communities-fb-groups

Lymphedema Resources

Are you looking for a therapist, research information, or a list of lymphedema organizations?

Check out my Lymphedema Resources page: https://lymphiestrong.com/lymphedema-resources/


Want to giveaway an item? Thank you for your generosity!

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Group Question, Concern, Feedback

Do you have a question, concern, feedback or idea for one of my Facebook groups or pages?

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Collaboration or Personal

If you want to send me a personal message to initiate a collaboration or send information about a project, visit this link below.

Contact –


Wishing you great lymphatic health,

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