Have Swelling? You Are Not Alone

Have Swelling? You Are Not Alone.

We Care Because We Live With It Too

Launched in 2015 by a father and daughter from Texas initially hoping to spread awareness about multigenerational hereditary lymphedema with a blog and a small Facebook group, Lymphie Strong has grown into a global patient support and advocacy community with thousands of members who live with lymphedema and lymphatic disorders of all types.

Lymphie Strong is an online resource for people with lymphedema by people with lymphedema who know from firsthand experience how challenging living with chronic swelling can be and how it impacts your life in both big and small ways.

Find Treatment Information & Support

Support Communities

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Whether you want to learn about lymphedema self-management treatment options, get anecdotal advice from real people on coping with flare ups and symptoms, learn more about topics like surgery, or have questions on diet and exercise, our members are here to help get you started.

Move That Lymph Challenge Series

Want to workout with others who know what it is like to deal with your symptoms?

Take your lymphedema fitness training to the next level and join an upcoming virtual Move That Lymph challenge.

Empowerment Series Events Calendar

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The 2021 Empowerment Series Events Calendar will highlight all events for our support groups with the aim to fulfill our mission of helping to close the gap in finding information and to help end isolation. This includes group speakers and conferences available to the patient community.


Here you will find a starter list of lymphedema resources that may help you on your lymphatic journey.

This includes the websites of our compression garment sponsors, product ambassadorships, patient organizations and resources, financial assistance programs, public lymphedema provider directories, and some lipedema resources.

What Our Members Say

Hands down the best FB support group there is. I’m so glad I found you. Keeping it positive, nonjudgmental, informative, and safe is what keeps me tuned in. Love ♥️ you.


Veronica, happy anniversary! THANK YOU for creating such an important tool for us lymphies. The knowledge and compassion found here is unparalleled. Your site means so much to me. Thank you!


Happy 5th Anniversary!

Thank you so much for creating this community. Five years ago I had never heard of lymphoedema, but when I got swelling in my leg three years ago and joined a year later, it was someone’s post here that ultimately got me my diagnosis of MTS. I would possibly never have gotten the help I needed, without the knowledge I learnt through the group and I’ll forever be grateful. ❤️

BrITT, Australia
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Lymphie Strong is a global patient support and advocacy group for people living with lymphedema founded and owned by Veronica P. Seneriz.

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We Are Stronger Together

Lymphie Strong would like to thank our industry partners and sponsors who help bring our patient initiatives and programs to fruition.

You Are Not Shopping Alone

Lymphie Strong partners as an affiliate with products designed for people who live with chronic edema and swelling. We understand because we live with it too and have for over 3 generations.

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