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We Know Because We Live With Swelling Too

As mentioned before, Lymphie Strong is an online resource for people with lymphedema by people with lymphedema who know from firsthand experience how challenging living with chronic swelling can be and how it impacts your life in both big and small ways. Lymphie Strong partners as a community leader with corporate sponsors, affiliates, and collaborators with products and resource programs created for people who live with chronic edema such as lymphedema and swelling. Our relationships are long standing.

Why do we partner?

Lymphie Strong started with a father and daughter who understood that there is no one size fits all solution for everyone. At times you need to implement a mixed solution approach for self care as part of treatment.. As you age and your situation changes over time, so will your needs.

Lymphie Strong will never tell you what to do or what to buy. We can offer information on what is available that will hopefully help you on your journey forward and empower you to advocate with your healthcare team. We always wish you the best of lymphatic health.

Thank You to our Corporate Sponsors


Since 2017, Juzo USA has proudly supported the Move That Lymph Challenge series and the Lymphie Strong Running & Fitness Club for Lymphedema. Approximately 100 garments have been given away in over 40 challenges to date. We host 8 events per year.

This program received national recognition at the 2019 National Lymphedema Network Conference as it inspires participants to exercise and reach their full potential. Participants from more than 15 countries worldwide have participated.

Juzo USA has also hosted Lymphie Strong as its headquarters in Ohio and at its annual Power Symposium event as part of its patient story spotlight.

Lymphie Strong is a Juzo Champion advocate.


As part of its LymphCare USA platform in 2018, JOBST USA connected with the Lymphie Strong community in alignment with its mission to help patients live their lives to the fullest. They understood how difficult it can be to live with lymphedema or lipedema and wanted to help.

Essity USA hosts patient education livestreams and other exclusive events in the Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group for Lymphedema. This program was highlighted in 2019 at the Boston Lymphatic Patient Symposium.

Lymphie Strong is a JOBST USA Ambassador.

Luna Medical, Inc.

Based in Chicago, IL, Luna Medical, Inc. has partnered with Lymphie Strong since 2020 as part of their mission “to improve the quality of life for people suffering from Lymphedema ..”

Together we hosted the first ever Yoga Move That Lymph Challenge as part of their AbsoYOGAlutely program. Yoga was new to our fitness group at the time (pre-pandemic), and Luna was patient and kind, providing member support with certified instructors who knew chair options and other modifications through virtual workouts. Our group also attempted our first ever HIIT workout challenge with Luna.

Today they continue to sponsor our Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group for Lymphedema community.

Lymphie Strong Discount Codes and Affiliate Links

Bright Life Direct

BrightLife Direct is a Small Business supporter of the Lymphie Strong Running & Fitness Club for Lymphedema and has partnered since 2019. They have over 30 years of experience and have an online store. You can shop directly on its site for various products and use code LYMPHIESTRONG2023 for 10% off lymphedema products at BrightLife Direct. Shipping is free in the US for orders over $100.

Here is a shareable link for the code that will have the discount automatically applied: https://www.brightlifedirect.com/discount/LYMPHIESTRONG2023

Fluid Running


The Fluid Running® System is currently licensed in the US, the UK, and Australia. Use code LymphieStrong for 2 Free Workouts – Link: https://www.fluidrunning.com/lp/lymphiestrong.php

Prairie Wear


We are super stoked to join the #prairiecircle and be part of the Prairie Wear Family. Prairie Wear provides expertly designed compression bras that feel like a hug. This way you can #movethatlymph in comfort. Visit our Lymphie Strong – Prairie Wear link here!

Interactive Patient Education Resources

Lymphie Strong Cafe Support

We teamed up with Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA (Author of the Lymphatic Code) and Robert Erkstam, OTR, CLT-LANA who offer a new lifestyle program, Lymphatic Lifestyle Solutions, as an online weight management course. Watch our Lymphie Strong Cafe YouTube Playlist.

This is a 12-week program that is geared toward people with lymphedema who also want to manage their weight while touching on the principles of a ketogenic diet. Visit the Lymphie Strong – Lymphatic Solutions link and register here.

Lymphie Strong 101

Lymphie Strong Lymphedema 101 – A Free Video Resource Library on YouTube Presented By @CancerRehabPT

It entails videos on the major components of lymphedema treatment, including lymphatic drainage, compression garments, exercises, skin care, and more!

Kelly Sturm, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, OnCS holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is a Board-Certified Oncology Specialist. This playlist was created in collaboration with Lymphie Strong.

Lymphie Strong Exercise Series

Lymphie Strong Exercise Series – A Free Video Resource Library on YouTube Presented By @CancerRehabPT

This Cancer Rehab PT video and exercise routine is part of a collection of over two dozen videos and counting in collaboration with Lymphie Strong’s Move That Lymph and Lymphie Strong Fitness groups.

Lymphie Strong Amazon Shop!

Don’t forget about our Lymphie Strong Amazon Shop!

Whether you are looking for Xpandasox socks that stretch, books on lymphedema or other helpful items like kinesiology tape, you’ll find them on our shop page. We do our best to keep it up to date.

If you have an item that you think might help others or if you have written a new book, send it to us! We will add it to our Amazon Shop!

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