MOVE THAT LYMPH Virtual Race Challenge Instructions

Yes, you have found a virtual race just for you! So glad you found us. Some of you are former or pre-lymphedema runners. Some of you are making goals and tackling new challenges head on for the first time ever. Some of you have been at this for quite some time.

We know you have what it takes. WE BELIEVE IN YOU. Read on for virtual challenge instructions.  


A virtual 5K is a 3.1 mile race that can be completed from any location you choose.  You can run, jog, or walk on the road, in the pool, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym or on the track (or even at another race). You get to do your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself if you want.

This is a dedicated, focused time to complete the distance you have chosen to do.

You can do a little each day or all in one go. Some people will finish 3.1 miles in 6 days by deliberately walking on a treadmill. You can even do a 5K per day if you are advanced and want to achieve a longer distance such as a 13 miles in 2 weeks. Basically, you have the freedom choose how much time you need. You will receive a prize sponsored by Juzo USA after the challenge ends.

You may also hike, bike, water jog, or swim this challenge.

What is NOT a Virtual Race?

This is not your activity tracker counting your daily steps throughout the normal course of a day.  It is not the same as a 45 day challenge.

Select a Route or Machine

Try to pick a scenic route for your Virtual Race. However, if the weather does not cooperate, a treadmill, rower, eliptical, or swimming works just fine! No need for your virtual race to be complicated. Participate at YOUR level. This is a challenge for Lymphies by Lymphies. This means it is not a competition. It is a challenge for yourself to improve or maintain your lymphatic health, depending on your needs.

Challenge Instructions


  1. Like or Follow the Lymphie Strong and Juzo Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.
  2. Submit the payment to register by the deadline.  This is final and non-refundable regardless if you finish.  Only PayPal is accepted.
  3. You will receive a virtual BIB NUMBER. Twitter and Instagram users are also welcome.
  4. Complete your race anywhere you choose on or before the deadline.
  5. Be sure to comment on the Finish Line post to indicate you have finished. 
  6.  You may optionally share on your own wall but tag @LymphieStrong and @Juzo in the post. Use the hashtags #movethatlymph and #freedominmotion.


We are proud and honored to have Juzo sponsor the entire 2022 Move That Lymph Calendar of Events. Each participant that completes the eligibility requirements will receive fitness swag in the mail after the conclusion of the challenge.  One item per person.  Sample prizes might be a t-shirt, koozie, headband, towel, etc.  No cash value and non-transferable. 


Questions or communications may be submitted below.  It is not monitored on the weekends.

Good Luck and Wishing You Awesome Lymphatic Health!

Lymphie Strong

Learning more and connecting with others can be a source of support and comfort.

Visit our lymphedema groups to find what’s right for you.

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