Trust Your Journey

As a Lymphedema patient, you need self-care skills to survive. Being part of an online community is empowering because you know you can use its collective knowledge very much like a flashlight to help guide you.

The following list is all the reasons our members signed up for the Lymphedema Self Management program sponsored by LymphCare.

“The journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step.”

Together we have endured thousands of days with LE. We are moving forward together with this one step. Trust your journey.


MLD and dry brush every day. I’ve had other health issues going on and have slacked on caring for my Lymphedema.

Learn to manage my leg lymphedema and to learn more about using KT tape.

To reduce the swelling in my arm and perform my massage daily.

MLD daily, measuring weekly, continue exercise and pumping.

I’d like to be able to learn as much as I can regarding self-care for Lymphedema management. I only have myself to advocate and care for me, I can’t afford an MLD or the comp. garments. Any information shared I will use to help myself and others in my life that suffer from LE.

I have lymphedema on my left lower extremity from my hip down including toes. I am using my pump how to read sleeve as well as Farrow wraps bandages and Elvarex chap. I would like to be able to get reduction in my left leg especially around my ankle and calf I get such a crease at my ankle sometimes I don’t even know I have an ankle and my calf can get super huge at times and sometimes lately heart I would like to get some more reduction on a daily basis and be able to at least go from the bed to the bathroom to take a shower without my leg blowing

A few goals: I will practice yoga every day. I will pump 5 evenings a week. I will wear some type of nighttime garment 3 nights a week.

My lymphedema is in my right leg and I have managed to get it down in size only because of the information I have received from this group. My goal is to continue to learn how to help myself and hopefully to continue getting this under better control. I want to help myself to the best of my ability and except and deal with what I cannot control.

Safe exercise program, better nutrition while on Weight Watchers

Daily self-care and weekly measurements!

My goal is to reduce the circumference of my leg somewhat by being more careful and consistent in my self-care.

I plan to continue to move that lymph but also work on reduction through bandaging and self-massage.

My goal is the beginning of acceptance or resilience. I struggle daily with the fact I no longer control my appearance. Control being the key word but between knowing where the problem is coming from to applying the solution is different. Also wants to challenge my physical fitness by doing more high intensity activities

Being able to do my own manual lymph drainage and wrapping my legs. And being able to choose the correct garments and pump.

I am trying to get my legs swelling down and try to keep my lymphatic system flowing correctly so I do have weeping wounds.

I want to get back to more of a normal life like I lived before this all started. Emotionally and physically.

To reduce the swelling in my legs enough so that I can be mobile again.

Exercising more and Rebounding, correct eating to help control swelling, try to locate wraps for both legs, Self MLD

Continue to reduce fluid in my legs and lose weight.

Continue with my pump and wrap. Get better with my self-massage and pray for some improvement.

There was only one example given, and I can’t think of anything else right now, so I will go with taking weekly measurements. Once I see or hear what others are doing, I may want to do what they are doing also. Thank you for doing this!

My goal is to become more frequent in self-management to successfully loose inches through MLD drainage, recording my progress, and keeping my pain level at a minimum

Get back on track with self-care, proper nutrition and exercise fit my LE.

Get into a regular exercise schedule again, reduce the number of flare up days, reduce thighs and try to not eat as much sugar

Achieve enough reduction to move to a smaller sleeve

To consistently manage and reduce swelling in my legs and feet, so it is not such a hindrance in my life.

My Secondary Lymphedema started in my right thigh after removing cancer and lots of Lymph nodes. My left ankle is swelling now. My goal is to stop it from growing in my left leg. Hoping with wrapping and exercising it will stop the progression. So far, it’s been 8 days of prevention. No improvement so far but it hasn’t gotten worse.

(This is awesome, by the way!) I would like to track my arm measurements at least once a week over the six-week period. I am working on losing weight, exercising, and pumping regularly, and I want to see what (if any) impact that has on the size of my arm. I will also measure my right arm as well for comparison, and my weight.

Daily self-care and wear compression when doing repetitive work.

To measure weekly to ascertain the best care options for me, exercise 3 days per week in water doing my specific arm/walking program.

Ride bike for at least 30 minutes

Reduction of upper and lower limb lymphedema, management / maintenance of reduced limbs, skin care, exercise

To reduce a bit then maintain with healthy skin. To take more me time because that’s what I need to manage my Lymphedema

Swimming at least 5 days a week. Limited/no sugar.

Thank You Lymphie Strong and LymphCare USA for this opportunity to join in a united effort to improve self-lymph care for participants with this condition. My goal is to reduce lymphedema in my legs and abdomen over this 6-week period. I will be doing MLD, dry brushing, some pool work and 3 kms on my stationary exercise bike. Thank You

My every day goal is to have this condition under control, maintain an acceptable level of swelling.

Better movement with my exercises. Better measurement. Drinking more water. See physician about getting pump

I would like to reduce the circumference of my right leg by 3 cm

Dedication to manual self-massage nightly, with better skin care. Have lapsed a bit over time.

I aim to continue my daily self-massage. To relax and unwind with at least one media activity every day. To always remember to elevate whenever possible.

To learn to manage my LLE lymphedema better to alleviate pain.

To continue with the new regime (additional new tools I just learned after visiting a new PT) daily dry brushing with using the ready wrap nightly to continue decreasing volume of right leg. With that, keeping active with gym program of water aerobics and boosted walking.

Lose 4 to 5 cm in circumference in my right thigh. Walk 5km Daily. Daily Bellicon trampoline.

Maintain leg swelling through intensive self-care. Exercise more.

I have lymphedema in both legs, more on the left leg. It developed after having 2 C-sections. I would like to reduce the swelling in my legs as much as possible.

I’d like to get in the habit of measuring and keeping better track of my management. Currently I use my leg compression machine daily and use wrapping techniques when needed. I’d like to do this more often even when I think I may not need it.

Decrease in circumference of my right palm, wrist, forearm, and elbow areas

Continue with daily lymphedema maintenance like exercises, elevation, self MLD etc.

I’m looking at how to reduce the fibrosis around my top right thigh, which has been there post radiation 8 years ago.

To do my therapy every day and to get more exercise

Reduce weight and measurements

To learn how to care for myself in improving my lymphedema

Structured plan, more tools 🙂

To pump and wrap every day. The purpose is to prevent swelling in my arms and back during travel to Colorado.

I am committed to do a better job wrapping my toes and being more diligent wearing my nighttime garment. I also plan to get measured for new stockings in the next 6 weeks. Thanks for offering this program!

Eat better, perhaps a chair yoga class, need to get some strength built up

I’m new to LE (Feb 2019). Looking forward to learning more about managing my leg and about how to be an advocate. Lymphie Strong has been a real lifeline for me!

I’m unable to wrap myself and have no one to help me wrap. My goal is to find ways that I can manage my Lymphedema and reduce using other things.

Reduction of upper and lower limb lymphedema, management / maintenance of reduced limbs, skin care, exercise. No certified therapist yet, so am very concerned.

My goal is to wear compression, do massage, walk at least 30 minutes a day, eat healthy

Managing my 8-month-old’s lymphedema with massage and compression. Met our CLT for the first time three weeks ago so we are still working to make management part of our daily routine.

Daily MLD

Eating healthy and being mindful is my main goal. To eat foods that will help with inflammation in my body. I am going to up my visits from 2 to 3 weekly visits with my personal trainer. Toning my body and losing body fat will help with the swelling in my leg. It always has. I will pump more frequently and start my manual lymph drainage therapy with my doctor.

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