For over 40 years my father wore JOBST® stockings to help manage his lymphedema until his passing in 2016. As lymphedema spread up his leg, the garments also changed. When I was a child, I used to help my mother hand wash his stockings. Lymphedema does not happen only to women or adults, and different garments might be needed for changing situations over a lifetime.

The best way to be prepared for lymphedema is through patient knowledge. My father lived 24 years without a diagnosis, so I know firsthand how critically important it is to be informed both as a patient and a family member. Living life through those years is the basis of this new relationship in 2019.  Knowledge is power, and I am thrilled to announce the launching of the #EMPOWERMENT Series sponsored by JOBST® USA exclusively for the Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group for Lymphedema. This is yet another grassroots patient initiative created to assist our community to become empowered as self advocates.

Vern’s passion for education, specifically about the effect that lymphedema has on the patient as well as their family, is what intrigued me about Vern.  Our team is also passionate about lymphedema awareness and helping those affected live unencumbered lives so a partnership with Vern was a perfect fit.

Kathy Phillips, RN, JOBST® Medical Advisor

JOBST® USA Ambassador

Beginning in the fall of 2018, Lymphie Strong partnered with JOBST® USA as an Ambassador in an effort to help our members become #PATIENTSTRONG in lymphedema education and knowledge. This is includes both online events and in-person conferences around the country. We continue to host Facebook Livestream webinars and giveaways exclusively hosted within the Lymphie Strong community on an ongoing basis.

Uplift your Life

JOBST®, a brand of Essity, provides solutions for the prevention, treatment and management of venous and lymphatic conditions. JOBST® offers world-class clinical education, sales and customer service support for healthcare professionals, business partners and patients.

With a wide variety of sizes, styles and compression levels for everyday wear, JOBST® is the #1 physician and therapist recommended brand of medical compression stockings in the US and a product patients will want to wear.

Discover the world of JOBST and how we can not only help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals, but more importantly, enable you to experience more of life’s special moments.

Learn More about Uplifting Products and Support from JOBST

JOBST® Confidence

JOBST® Confidence helps your patients feel unrestricted, with a one-of-a-kind fit garment that’s as unique as they are. The new generation of flat-knit technology used in JOBST® Confidence allows for a precise fit to the real anatomical body shapes. This personally refined fit not only provides comfort, but also supports your patients with a greater degree of movement.

Learn More about the JOBST® Confidence & JOBST® EZfit at our exclusive Lymphie Strong Facebook Livestream.


The convenient at-home measuring program for a perfectly-fitted compression garment. In a live video measuring session with our fitting teams, the new JOBST® EZfit program ensures that patients get the right garments and the right fit. All in the privacy of their own home.

Ask your fitter or certified lymphedema therapist to schedule your appointment.

Learn More about the JOBST® Confidence & JOBST® EZfit at our exclusive Lymphie Strong Facebook Livestream.


Lymphedema is a unique and chronic condition that can be overwhelming… and you may feel scared and alone. The good news is that you are NOT alone! In fact, you are part of a very large community of patients who are living their lives to the fullest!

LymphCare was developed to provide you with a comprehensive tool to help you manage your life with lymphedema. Everything you need is right here. Learn more about lymphedema and communicate with other patients healthcare professionals.

Join LymphCare USA and become part of the fastest growing lymphedema community. Find strength, encouragement and advocacy here.


JOBST® is the preferred distributor of Arion products. Arion products are made from very smooth material, treated with a special coating, which together with double-layer product design create an extremely smooth gliding product, thus significantly minimizing the friction between the compression garment and skin.

Thank You

We cannot thank Essity /JOBST® enough for their support and generosity. This is an exciting opportunity for all to learn more.

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