For over 40 years my father, Pete, wore JOBST® stockings to help manage his lymphedema until his passing in 2016. As lymphedema spread up his leg, the garments also changed. When I was a child, I used to help my mother handwash his stockings. Lymphedema does not happen only to women or adults, and different garments might be needed for changing situations over a lifetime.

The best way to be prepared is through patient knowledge. My father went 24 years without a diagnosis, so I know firsthand how critically important it is to be informed both as a patient and a family member. Living life through those years is the basis of this new relationship in 2019.

Knowledge is power, and I am thrilled to announce the launching of the #PATIENTSTRONG Series sponsored by JOBST® USA exclusively for the Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group. This is yet another grassroots patient initiative created to assist our community to become empowered as self advocates. — Veronica P. Seneriz, Founder of Lymphie Strong

FALL 2018

Beginning in the fall of 2018, Lymphie Strong partnered with JOBST® USA in an effort to help our members become #PATIENTSTRONG in lymphedema education and knowledge.

Kathy Phillips, RN and Medical Advisor for JOBST® USA presented in-person at Memorial Hermann’s Lymphedema Support Group in Houston, TX on compression and the science behind why we wear it. Kathy has 20 years with JOBST® and travels to the following cities in TX – San Antonio, Dallas, & Houston, along with Shreveport, LA. She is one of 13 other Medical Advisors across the United States.

Vern’s passion for education, specifically about the effect that lymphedema has on the patient as well as their family, is what intrigued me about Vern.  Our team is also passionate about lymphedema awareness and helping those affected live unencumbered lives so a partnership with Vern was a perfect fit. – Kathy Phillips, RN, JOBST® Medical Advisor

We continued with two FB Livestream meetings exclusively held within the Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group. This gave members the opportunity to ask direct questions in a closed group setting.

Over the holidays, the JoviPak® product line was a giveaway within the group after our FB Live on nighttime garment solutions. The winners of our 2018 Holiday Ornament & Decor Contest – a member from Italy, a child with LE, and a new mother.


JOBST® USA also responded to a plea of compassion. Homelessness is a worldwide issue. Recently in our group, we discovered one of our own members was in need. She has been a member for over 3 years and never let on about her situation. Only by accident, we discovered her situation and rallied to help.

We want to thank JOBST® USA for stepping in with their donation of two full Farrow wraps in support of our group efforts. These garments were delivered in California.

In 2019, #PATIENTSTRONG will be leveraging the power of emerging technologies to deliver information from additional experts and also provide product knowledge. The first collaboration is with JOBST® Compression Institute for a monthly educational webinar on April 4th. Dr. Nicole Stout, DPT, CLT-LANA, FAPTA, will be featured as the speaker. The response to patient questions was so overwhelming that it has created a potential series of webinars which will be announced separately for summer and fall.

We cannot thank JOBST® USA enough for their support and generosity for the Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group. This is an exciting opportunity for all to learn more.


Lymphie Strong