Lymphie Strong for LymphCare

We are excited to announce that Lymphie Strong has partnered up with LymphCare USA.

LymphCare was developed to provide you with a comprehensive tool to help you manage your life with lymphedema. Everything you need is right here. Learn more about lymphedema and communicate with other patients and healthcare professionals.

Welcome to LymphCare

LSM – Lymphedema Self Management

With this announcement we are kicking off the first ever Lymphedema Self Management program for 6 weeks. This invitation is open to all members of Lymphie Strong at no cost. There are two ways to join with steps outlined below.

Beginning September 30, 2019, all members successfully tracking a goal (Option 1) such as measurements with weekly updates in the LymphCare tool will be entered into a random prize drawing sponsored by LymphCare on November 11, 2019.

Option 1

Fill out the form below by providing me with your email to invite you to the tool.

Choose several(required)

Option 2

  1. Visit lymphcareusa.com
  2. Register as a Patient.
  3. Upon Login, go to the Connections Tab.
  4. Click Add Friend.
  5. Search for LYMPHIESTRONG.
  6. Click Add to Friends.

Thank you for being part of the community. We are excited to see you achieve your goal.

LymphCare is a registered trademark.


  1. Thank You LymphieStrong and LymphCareUSA for this opportunity to join in a united effort to improve self lymph care for participants with this condition.
    Julie 👍💪😀🦘

    1. Education is empowerment! Thank you LymphieStrong and LymphCare USA for giving us the wonderful opportunity to gather and learn together!

  2. Thank you LymphiStrong for all you do for the members of our community! I have learned so much from you since joining and appreciate your hard work and dedication to the group. Thank you LymphCareUSA for this opportunity for us to focus ourselves on self-management. Looking forward to the on-line experience.

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