Quick Tip – Lymphedema Pump Storage

The following LE Quick Tip came from Cat M., a long term member of our Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group. Need some ideas on where to store your lymphedema pump? Here’s a fun and cute ottoman from a big box retail store most of us are familiar with.

Thanks, Cat!

Wanted to share this find.

If you have a compression pump, I found this storage ottoman on the Target website, sold online only, $85 delivered. A convenient pretty way to store the pump and sleeves. I have mine at the foot of my bed.

Very sturdy piece and easy to put together. Simply screw on 4 legs with included Allen wrench. Although it isn’t in the picture, the pump unit also fits in nicely. I looked for other ottomans on Amazon and couldn’t find any others as nicely priced as this one. — Cat M.

What do you use to store your lymphedema pump?


Lymphie Strong

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