Lymphie Strong March Calendar 2021

Lymphedema Awareness is important all year round, and we all do our best to spread the information. March is just a little bit special because it is our month to shine, so we go all out with March 6th designated as World Lymphedema Day. This year is a little bit different for me since I’m still in recovery from COVID-19, but we won’t let that stop us!

What’s going on at Lymphie Strong?

All of the info below you can find on my Bio or https://linktr.ee/lymphiestrong has all of the links on one page.

We are closing out our LYMPHIE STRONG VALENTINES DAY YOGA CHALLENGE with Absoyogalutely and Luna Medical this Sunday at 4 PMCST.

Apply for Texas Winter Storm Uri Assistance – If you reside in TX and were impacted by the storm, we raised $1,103 to help you with groceries or home essentials, plus I have companies lined up to send you NEW compression garments or e-gift cards towards a compression purchase if you need it. Please apply and do not be shy. I’m a 3rd generation Texan, and I know our nature is to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps but Texans also help their neighbors!  

Donations to help Texans impacted by the storm are still being accepted through 3/15. A few more pledges are on the way. THANK YOU TO ALL!! You are amazing! 

Our 3rD Annual Lymphie Strong virtual race kicks off March 1 and enter a chance to win a SoftCompress prize from Juzo You can walk, run, cycle, swim, or row it!

Weekly $50 Phrase of the Day e-gift card giveaway in the Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group for Lymphedema by BrightLife Direct but you must be a member to win! Fun starts March 6th.

Are you in need of support? Try one of our private support groups like the Lymphie Strong Support, Lymphie Strong Fitness, or Lymphie Strong Café. We are an online family and have an ad and spam free environment. Answer the questions to join please.

NEW! My Lymphedema Toolbox – A consolidated category of the most popular blog posts on kinesiology taping, dry brushing, and other helpful hints.

Coronavirus Lymphedema Updates now includes the recently released info by the National Lymphedema Network.

Have you checked out lymphiestrong.com lately? The homepage has been completely updated and we have some great Lymphedema Awareness Month testimonials to help shine a beacon of hope and light to others

All month long I will be sharing highlights from JOBST USA & LymphCare USA including a surprise kickoff next week.

The NLN has planned an entire month of educational sessions intended for the patient community. They want to let you know that they are here to work for you and to empower you with knowledge. I am excited to be a patient speaker on March 29th for the Exercise & Lymphedema session.

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