Coronavirus Lymphedema Updates

Our Lymphie Strong group and community approach to the COVID-19 vaccine discussion will be the same as our approach to COVID-19 itself back in March 2020. We will only approve established reputable statements from lymphatic organizations with opinions from medical experts in the lymphatic world.

Any posts related to the vaccine from external sources will not be approved in our groups because the focus of our support communities is information for people who live with lymphedema and lymphatic disease.


For reference, you may recall that back in March the Lymphoedema Support Network and the Lymphatic Education & Research Network jointly published the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidelines for the Lymphatic Disease Community.

Following that we participated in a National Lymphedema Network Coronavirus Brain Chain discussion and in the Lymphedema Treatment Act COVID-19 patient survey in May 2020. We also recently shared an update in November from Professor Peter Mortimer and the LSN again.

New updates on the vaccine are as follows from LE&RN and the LSN once again.

LE&RN LE/LD and the COVID-19 Vaccine

People with LE do not have compromised immune systems by nature of their lymphedema diagnosis but could have other associated medical conditions that may make them more vulnerable. Patients with LD, including those with lymphatic malformations, may also be more vulnerable due to their underlying and associated conditions.

Important information for the LE and LD communities from LE&RN (Full PDF)

COVID-19 vaccination and lymphoedema

Whilst it is great news that the COVID-19 vaccine is being rolled out, the LSN has been contacted asking advice from people with, or at risk of, upper limb lymphoedema. It is very important that you liaise with your GP about your own individual situation as you may have other conditions that need to be taken into account but Professor Mortimer has kindly given some guidance in relation to lymphoedema and the COVID-19 vaccination.


NLN Highlight on COVID-19 Vaccination Injection Site

It is encouraging that more and more people are getting vaccinated and becoming protected against COVID-19. We have received many inquiries regarding the injection site. We would like to point out that according to the CDC, the thigh is an alternative injection site. You can find this in small print on the right lower corner of page one of the guidelines for both Moderna and Pfizer. This is applicable for people who have lymphedema and/or lymphedema risk in both arms.

Feb 5, 2021 NLN Newsletter

We are all in this together during these unprecedented times in our world history. Information will be updated as it becomes available. Thank you for your cooperation.

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