Sending Our Support at These Challenging Times

As A Native Texan

I was born and grew up 35 miles from the Texas Gulf Coast, so I am not a stranger to hurricanes or tropical storms. The same for my parents and grandparents. It’s part of living here. Most of the time these events pass without much impact but sometimes they don’t. Sadly, my grandparents’ house was wiped out in 1998 by a flood. They had lived there over 40 years. I helped strangers trapped in cars in thigh high water in Houston during Tropical Storm Allison. During Hurricane Ike, I remember Houston without power for 3 weeks. I drove 17 hours from Houston to Austin during the evacuation of Hurricane Rita which never actually hit us. In short, I do understand the power of natural disasters and how they can upend our lives.

None of that prepared me for this past week. As I was personally recovering from COVID, we lost power in our home for over 36 hours during single digit weather. I have a huge family, and all of them live in Texas.

After recovering from the initial shock of it all and witnessing the chaos – days long power outages in freezing temps, no water and subsequent boil water mandates, and grocery stores wiped out -the situation as it relates to lymphedema hit really close to home. Some of you might be in dire straits, so we created this temporary assistance effort to try to help if only a little. Lymphie Strong is not a nonprofit, but I feel that this natural disaster event warrants a special fundraiser to help the community in Texas within a few simple guidelines outlined briefly below.

Acceptance Waiver & Disclaimer

  • Use of any donation item is done so at your own risk.
  • Donations are nontransferable, nonreturnable, and are not redeemable for cash.
  • Your participation is voluntary and acceptance waives any and all claims of liability known or unknown at this time.
  • Disclaimer: The ideas, suggestions, recommendations, and content of the Lymphie Strong site and any group(s) are intended to be used for informational purposes only. No medical advice is being implied or rendered. There is no expressed guarantee of completeness or accuracy. Information posted does not substitute the relationship between you and your doctor or any other healthcare professionals; licensed or unlicensed. Before beginning any changes or modifications in nutrition, exercise, or medical treatment, consult with your personal licensed medical physician and obtain clearance to do so. Use of any information is done so at your own risk. No endorsement is being implied at any time.

We Want To Help

The Lymphie Strong community has rallied together to try to help families with assistance through March 15, 2021 or until donations run out.

If you are a Texas resident and were impacted by the recent Winter Storm Uri and need assistance, please fill out the form below. Your information will be shared with a donor company who will contact you to assist you through the process of obtaining your NEW garment if you need one. Any e-gift cards will be emailed. Please ensure your email is correct before submitting the request. You will receive an initial reply from lymphiestrong@gmail.com within 1-2 days.



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