Jobst Relax Nighttime Garment Review

Note: This post originally was featured in the Lymphie Strong group the Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group for Lymphedema on November 8, 2019.

Time for a blog post review on the JOBST Relax nighttime garment. A nighttime garment can be an easy alternative to wrapping and bandaging overnight. It’s completely up to your own individual situation as to whether you need it or not.

Let me begin by saying that I have waited for this garment for over TWO YEARS. Super excited to have it. I really feel blessed to have it now.

I wasn’t aware that nighttime garments were made for lymphedema until 2014. Most of you know that I have had LE for 25 years and at around year 20, my legs stopped going down overnight by themselves. I had a total freak out/meltdown at the time. I didn’t understand what was happening and why my body was changing. I also used to be this person that hated wearing socks to bed, so the thought of wearing bandages or a garment for the rest of my life to bed was overwhelming at first. All of that has changed, and I have adjusted to the fact that there are just some things that are part of my life now.

The Relax is a custom garment, so I had to go to my local fitter to get measured and then order. I specifically requested the covered toes option. Ironically, now I do not like my toes exposed. My favorite color is magenta, so I had to go with Rose (pink).

The garment is folded at the top so you can see it is a deeper rose color on the inside, and the micro massaging effect you get leaves a textured imprint. This garment is soft and comfortable and very lightweight. I packed both legs in the side pocket in a carry on bag out of town this week with no issue, and I wore it under pajama pants. I also wear them with shorts, since these are thigh high. The foot bottoms have traction to help prevent skidding, and it is made with Cool Max technology. It actually feels like you are wearing normal clothes/leggings versus an actual lymphedema garment to me, but maybe that is just me.

If you are wondering why both legs are covered, I have primary lymphedema in both legs. This garment comes in CCL1 or CCL2. I need CCL2 (20-30 mmhg). Pricing depends on your insurance coverage. You do need a prescription for this garment.

For more information on how obtain the JOBST Relax, visit JOBST USA.


  1. I absolutely love my thigh high Jobst Relax. Just got my second one – rose pink this time so I can tell the difference between the older and the new. This garment is super comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and works wonders for my leg! I do wish they would come in black too.

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