DIY Lymphie Strong Face Masks Serve Medical Staff in NY in Wake of Corona Virus

I am in absolute tears having read the following email. So privileged to know the best people on the planet with such compassion for humanity!!

“Hello darlin’ just wanted you to know that I’m working with a friend locally to make medical mask liners (to extend the use of the hospital’s limited supply of masks); it required cutting up tshirts (this would be the part that touches the face of the medical staff, and can be washed over and over).

I found the 45 day lymphiestrong challenge T-shirt you sent me, and debated so hard on if I should cut it up, but I don’t have many cotton tshirts, and I thought Veronica would be ok with the purpose it was serving. So I got 31 mask liners out of my shirt, and still saved the part with the words.

My friend is dropping off the other parts of the masks tomorrow, and I will be sewing them ♥️ just wanted you to know how far your shirt is going to help our world in this time of crisis. Much love, hope you and the family are doing well.”

Patricia Ashton Cornute is a dear friend as incredible motivational leader. As the Founder of Lipedema Fitness and lipedemafitness.com, she is also a patient with both lymphedema and lipedema. She resides with her family in NY.

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