COVID-19 Guidelines shared by LE&RN

The following post was shared originally on social media by the Lymphatic Education & Research Network. All rights reserved.

“For COVID-19 information as it relates to those with lymphedema and other lymphatic diseases, visit the LE&RN website for “COVID-19 Guidelines for the Lymphatic Disease Community”: https://lymphaticnetwork.org/documents/LSN_LERN_Covid19_Guidelines_2020.pdf

With the advent of COVID-19, the world finds itself in the midst of a pandemic. Those with lymphatic disease understand this dynamic all too well. You have been living in the midst of a “lymphedemic” that has largely been ignored. However, thanks to our community’s activism, we see change everywhere. We are determined to continue our forward momentum despite the looming health crisis. There is only one way for us to do this, and that is to band together with everyone doing their part.”

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