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Starting Over

Do you have photos that haunt you? I do. This was posted in early 2017 in the Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group while on #keto. Gluten free is what helped my initial reduction in 2015, but the ketogenic diet put me into heels. All day.

This photo or a better version of it is my goal for 2019. In December, I will take an after photo. I’m ready to forget 2018. It was a personal hellscape. Lots of private disappointments and dealing with pain from multiple genetic conditions outside of LE. I was overwhelmed, but I know I can’t stay here in this slump and feel sorry for myself. I won’t go further into it. Too personal.

I do want to make changes that try to help me get back to me.

When I start the 45 Day Free Lymph Flow Challenge on Jan 7th, I will start diet changes to try to achieve this again for 45 Days alongside the physical challenge. No multi-level marketing or sales gimmicks. No ads or spam. Just good old fashion visualization, planning, and effort.

My game is mental. It’s not that I don’t know how. I need to find focus that is sustainable with my other medical conditions outside of LE. The first step is to reduce sugar.

My Son is my biggest advocate. I’m crying as I type this. He grabbed me by both hands and said “Mom you can do it. We can do it together.” I’m in so much pain, but I think I can do it.

If you are interested in joining this transformation journey with me, drop a comment below and join both The Lymphedema Table and The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club Facebook groups.

Wishing you great Lymphatic health,

Lymphie Strong


  1. Yes! I love this! 2018 was filled with a lot of death and sadness, and even anger that I want to move on from. I hurt myself in so many ways trying “to get through” this time; but I’m still alive and God has still got my back! I want to get “me” back! I want to join in this journey.

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