Compression JOBST USA Ambassador

Thrilled and Honored to Become Part of the JOBST USA Team!

I am so thrilled and honored to announce that I recently made a greater commitment to consistently advocate for patients and to push for systematic change surrounding the treatment and management of #lymphedema by becoming a JOBST USA Ambassador.

This role includes not only bringing you information on the latest technology and products, but also continued cooperative learning events in my groups to help empower you to be able to have an intelligent conversation with your doctor, lymphedema therapist, or garment fitter about #compression options.

#LE has run in my family for at least 3 generations spanning over 100 years and has impacted 6 members of my #family. We will not stop fighting for a cure!

See my announcement on YouTube or below.

Wishing you great lymphatic health,

Lymphie Strong


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