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Super Bowl Ready With My New Leg Rest

That’s right, I’m ready for Super Bowl 2019. Most people are in the market for a new gigantic TV or a super comfy leather recliner, but my new leg rest came in the mail recently and I’m absolutely excited. With bilateral lower extremity lymphedema, an elevated leg rest is actually a considerate gift to a loved one or a great personal investment.

Tonight my Dallas Cowboys face off the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL playoffs, and I have the perfect tool in my lymphedema toolbox to enjoy the game. This new addition is called The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest.

The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest provides precise, scientifically proven angles to elevate your legs Reduce swelling, alleviate pain and maintain well rested legs for a healthier tomorrow. – loungedoctor.com

One of the first things I learned in 1994 when I developed LE was the importance of elevation. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that I invested in a leg elevation pillow so this is not my first.

These pillows are not the typical foam pieces you might get during a hospital stay, and they are not cheap. Nothing about having lymphedema or lymphatic disease is cheap unfortunately. My first pillow from a different manufacturer lasted 8 years. It had a removable, washable cover and has been with me through thick and thin. I’ve even traveled with it cross country in our family vehicle.

There are big differences between The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest and my previous pillow. The most notable difference is the specific 40 degree angle that this pillow is designed to meet. More than once I have read from different sources that this is the optimum degree for venous and spine health.

My new pillow also has a removable, washable cover, and I selected it in heather grey. It almost looks like a chic animal print design, but there is micro beading along the cover which is super comfortable and soft. I ordered small for my height, but there are 4 additional sizes to choose from. Lengthwise it is perfect. My feet don’t dangle off the end.

Lastly, there is anti-slippage beading on the bottom. In this way, it doesn’t slip off the couch as easily.

Time will only tell if this pillow lasts as long as my old pillow, but I’m in love with it thus far. These last few days I was under the weather and used it to Netflix and chill while recovering. Whether you use it to relax or recover from a long day or illness, I’d definitely recommend this product.

Wishing you great Lymphatic health,

Lymphie Strong


  1. I want one but the shipping costs to New Zealand were $236! Insane. I did email asking for another option but so far no response 😢

    1. Yes, international shipping is expensive for most items. Plus duty tax is sometimes applied over a certain weight. I bet there are resources available in New Zealand that are not available here in the US. I wish there was an easier way to be global. ❤️

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