#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 Testimonials

We are in Week 8 of the challenge and sliding into the home stretch.  The team was gracious enough to give their feedback on what the challenge meant to them personally.  I hope you enjoy reading these wonderful testimonials as much as I did.

With committing to “movethatlymph” it keeps me moving when I don’t want to do anything but sit at my computer on days that I don’t have and other thing or place that I need to be at. Everyone encourages me to do something and it is ok not to walk great distant or run or work out in a gym or swim, but I can move in any way that I like whether it is sitting in a chair, on my simply fit board, walking in place, or ride my stationary bike when I do not want to walk outside. This group helps me to be accountable to moving each week. God Bless Vern for starting this group and for everyone else who is part of this group. – Rita I.

The #MOVETHATLYMPH challenge was a great motivator. I exercised much more than I would have on my own. I got used to posting my workouts. I finished the challenge but I am still motivated to exercise and share  -Ellen W.

I joined the challenge for accountability, ideas, camaraderie, and kindness.

Accountability so that I would do real workouts, rather than anything that makes my Apple Watch record movement.

Ideas to get ideas for additional exercises and apps.  Also, by posting my workouts, I hope I give other people ideas.

Camaraderie because we are all in this together. We all have lymphedema and need to move that lymph. What better place to report and read about how each of us manages.

Kindness because the real world can be so cruel. We have been stared at and whispered about in the real world. But, never does that happen in this group. We are kind to one another. Being kind and looking for the positive transfers to a happier life. -Judy C. 

I have Lymphedema but I also have other health problems. The combination of these problems cause me to not be able to stand for very long or walk very far before I have to sit down. I thought I couldn’t exercise because of these issues. But when the Fall Challenge was announced I wanted to join so bad and participate with everyone. I can’t run, walk or do a lot of things that require standing a lot. BUT, I CAN do leg lifts, lift my feet in a pumping motion, draw circles with my feet, use hand weights to work my arms and stretches. All of these things I can do while sitting in my chair. Soon I hope to add riding an exercise bike and walking in the pool. While I can’t stand or walk very well on land, I am able to stand and walk in a pool pretty good. Participating in the Challenge helps me physically but it also helps me mentally and makes me feel better about myself. -Deb W.

The #movethatlymph challenge has helped me to continue with my workout routine at the gym and home. Some days I wake up and feel like it won’t be so bad if I don’t go to the gym that day. But then I remember the others in the challenge who are doing all they can to keep being active, and that motivates me to do what I can too. The camaraderie among the group is an added bonus as we all cheer each other on during our successes and support each other during the down days. -Terry M.

I am always searching for answers….what is Lymphedema, what works or doesn’t in the care and comfort, and what is being done for a cure. This groups has provided an open and honest account of the daily struggles we each face. The accountability factor is huge. On days where I didn’t want to move, I knew that I needed to make an evening post and it better be good! While most of us will never meet face-to face, we have connected. We share the Lymph connection, and while the disease is unpleasant, the bond we all share is unbreakable. Keep up the good work everyone and “movethatlymph”. – Nancy B.

I love the accountability and encouragement. And, that all levels of movement are applauded. Plus, seeing what others are doing gave me courage to try new things. I am now going to yoga, which I didn’t do before. -Susan S.

I have left leg Lymphedema as the result of a cancer surgery. There have been so many times that it would have been so easy to skip a work out, but this group….what can I say? Give me a goal, and I’ll work hard to achieve it. Without this group, I would not be as faithful moving that lymph. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. You guys rock and roll (and run and lift and row and kickbox and swim and walk, etc) -LuAnn T

Honestly, I have no excuse not to exercise, but I am not good at it on my own. I am a social butterfly, but because of lymphedema, I quit Weight Watchers & the health club. I have everything that I need at home to get a good workout: a treadmill, an exercise ball, a rebounder & a weight bench. I was using them, but nothing consistently. I need accountability, motivation & inspiration. I get all of that from this group. I post once a week & only 3 workouts, but I try & do more, that way, I won’t quit early.-Tina C.

I haven’t posted much if any about my #movethatlymph, however since joining the group it did motivate me. I was already walking trails and then stretching at home, but then because of the challenge on days I didn’t feel motivated to do so, I would anyways and I’d even walk further. Or, I’d get on the treadmill or a stair stepper. Some days I’ll realize I’m being too sedentary and I’ll do the stair stepper for 5-15 minutes or some core/stretching/cardio just because #movethatlymph is in the back of my mind. It is encouraging to see others who are dealing with worse than myself doing better than me with a challenge like this! I think, “Well heck, I can get my butt moving and do SOMETHING” in the right direction to help my health improve more and more. You are all an inspiration. -Sarah K.

I sat and watched others do the last challenge. When this one came along, it motivated me to join the ranks. When I have a challenge going, I move more than when I’m not in a challenge. As we all know, movement helps #movethatlymph, which benefits our bodies, our minds and overall health. -Alice W.

Even though it’s been a little crazy at Casa Gabriella I’m still plugging away. I really like the ‘we;re doing this together’ thing. lymphedema can be so isolating/alienating. I’m glad I found you guys! And, am looking forward to making that custom piece for the winner. Might just make that a ‘thing’ for each challenge. I really do have so much gratitude for this group 🙂 -Gabriella B.

I participated in the summer, and now the fall #movethatlymph challenge, and it’s impact on me has been fantastic. I love this lymphedema community, and I feel very fortunate to have found it right after being diagnosed. Through these challenges, I have been encouraged, motivated, and inspired to keep pressing towards this new healthier, active lifestyle. Days when I feel I lack the motivation I need, I can come here and see others (some who have major mobility issues), pressing on towards being more active, and it pushes me forward. I don’t want to take for granted what I have physically at this point in my life.

Last year I started at a gym, and in March I changed my eating around, since then I’ve lost 93 lbs. I 100% feel that the #movethatlymph challenge has been and is a significant tool in the success I’ve had so far. I’m incredibly thankful!!! -Jessica C. 

#movethatlymph challenge has been great! It has given me the push I needed to move every day. Not just the days I go to the gym. I’ve connected with other people in the group and they have inspired me! Two years ago to this day I had the radical lymph node dissection that caused the lymphedema and forever changed my life. I’m so grateful to be part of this group! -Leah H. 

I missed the summer challenge, but participanted in the Fall Challenge. I am pretty consistent with working out so it’s not really about motivating me. I’m not very consistent about getting on FB and looking at the posts with this group. Time management issues! BUT, every time I do check in – I am left with a really positive energy after seeing all the pics, friendly faces, workout ideas, and mutual encouragement. So, thank you all! Lymphies Rule!!! -Bill M.

Since my diagnosis 5years ago, I’ve gained 35 lbs. I’ve always had trouble losing weight and keeping it off if I do, and LE compounds the issue 1000 fold. This year, I’ve also found myself in some depression, lack of motivation, and just general lethargy. Witnessing the summer challenge helped me come up out of that dark place and reminded me that my LE family knows how this feels, and they’re all still out there working away to #movethatlymph and maintain healthy lifestyles.The fall challenge has been a great opportunity to pickup my exercise program again with the help of encouragement and witness from others with LE, and has also provided a level of accountability that I have not found elsewhere. Deep thanks to the fall challenge and the LE running/fitness club helping me get back on the horse! -Amy D.

So often we think “I can’t” and it’s Lymphoedema that is holding us back but honestly…..”we can!!!” I train really hard and often and have an active community to encourage me. This challenge helps me to encourage others to say “I can”. It’s nice to know we are in it together!!! – J. Van Ree 

A huge thank you to all the members that provided their feedback and for their participation in the challenge.  Thank you especially for helping to spread awareness for lymphedema and lymphatic health.


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  1. A group is only as good as its leader ….. Vern, thank you for leading by example……..for giving us all a safe place to share, learn and grow…… spreading awareness with each and every post …..
    Helping us all shine and embrace the challenges that make us unique , strong and most of all…… we were created to stand out ..not fit in !!!!

  2. Although I read each of these testimonials as they were posted in the group, seeing them all here together, it really shows how much we all have gotten from this group & how being part of the challenge is a motivation to keep going to the best of our ability. I hope it also reinforces to Vern that all her hard work & passion for this has made a difference to each & every participant! Thanks Vern, words can never begin to describe how much you are loved & appreciated for all you do!!

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