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#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 Challenge for Lymphedema & Lymphatic Health

Here’s to a New Year, New You!

Exercise in any form is highly beneficial to the management of Lymphedema. Get moving, stay moving and commit to your lymphatic health!

Sign up for the #MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 Challenge for Lymphedema & Lymphatic Heath and commit to doing something active, every day, for at least 10 minutes for 365 days straight! If you can do more, that’s great. Inspire your fellow Lymphies along the way.

Starting on Jan. 5, 2017, we will post goals of the week, suggested workouts, and together, build a community of supportive Lymphies across the globe to keep you inspired and motivated!

You may purchase, at your choice, a #MOVETHATLYMPH t-shirt for $15 to show your #MOVETHATLYMPH power on World Lymphedema Day on March 6, 2017. Proceeds will benefit the Lymphatic Education & Research Network. The last day to order is Feb 1st to allow ample shipping time.

Anyone in the Lymphedema or Lymphatic Malformation community can participate – this means patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and people wanting to help our community.

Here’s how to join #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge:

1. Commit to yourself to doing something active every day. For some, this will be a new challenge.  For others, it will be about achieving the next milestone in their existing routines. This is for YOU, wherever your starting place might be.

You can run, walk, swim, march in place, hike, do yoga, pilates, aquatic exercise, chair exercise, or any other activity your heart desires. The last day to commit is Feb 1st. If you miss a day, do two activities the next day to make up for it.

2. Join The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club Facebook group and share your daily activities. Together we’ll support each other and make it through the challenge together. Please note the challenge goes from Jan – Dec for most. The last day you can commit and receive a shirt is Feb 1st.

3. Take part in weekly challenges including goal setting.

4. Post your monthly progress with how many minutes you completed. If you want to include your miles, swim laps, kilometers walked, or yoga sessions, etc. that’s fine too.

5. Submit an essay and photo in December 2017 with a testimonial as to how the challenge changed your life.  All 12 progress updates have to be submitted. You will be featured in next year’s challenge.

As always, we are wishing you great lymphatic health and pain-free or cellulitis-free days!!


Lymphie Strong


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