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Rise – Move That Lymph Challenge Registration

Welcome to the first Move That Lymph Challenge for 2023!

This year for each challenge we are changing it up by asking each participant to pick out a song that motivates you for each challenge. At the end of 2023, you should have 8 songs. For the RISE challenge, it can be any song that inspires you to RISE for the day, RISE for the challenge, RISE to facing lymphedema every day. Our example song this challenge is RISE by Katy Perry. For 2023, the Move That Lymph challenge themes will include self care and activities for mental health (meditation) and overall health and wellness (sleep) along with our traditional virtual races and workouts (yoga).

We begin with our RISE Challenge, a focus on yoga, sleep, and meditation which helps increased flexibility, respiration and energy, and muscle strength and tone as well as reduced stress. 

Always remember that we have lymphedema but lymphedema does not have us! There is no better time to join in the fun of moving while simultaneously increasing lymphatic health awareness to all around you in your family and local community.

Challenge duration: Jan 8 – 29, 2023

Registration window:  Jan 8 – 14, 2023

Our entire series is sponsored by the wonderful people at Juzo® USA. Each event this year we will select two winners at random who complete the challenge. The winners will get to choose an off the shelf Juzo item as a prize.

Become an expert at loving yourself and your own body.  Focus on positive energies.  Juzo Expert garments and sleeves come in colors that express self love. SoftCompress feels like pillows and you might need it to calm those summer flare ups. 

Check out the new Juzo® line of Stockings for Lymphedema.

Freedom to Make the Most of Every Day

Riding a bike. Working in the garden. Playing with grand kids. Taking a walk. Going to work. These are the keep moving® benefits of Juzo® compression garments, designed to improve your quality of life, not inhibit it. Family-owned since 1912, Juzo has led the compression therapy garment industry by creating high-quality products that offer you the freedom to maintain a more active lifestyle. Advancements like our FiberSoft® technology, seasonal colors, attractive styles and fun print designs ensure you move in comfort without compromising fashion.

Juzo® USA has been a proud sponsor of the Lymphie Strong Move That Lymph Challenge Series since 2017.

Virtual Race Overview

  • You will receive a virtual bib number as your identifier in the challenges.  Use it as your hashtag in addition to hashtags we have.
  • Our half marathon and 10K distances in the virtual race series are purely optional. The minimum distance for completion is 5K.
  • For our workout challenges including normal aerobic, strength training, yoga, and other training activities, you are encouraged to workout at your own pace and with clearance from your doctor or certified lymphedema therapist.

Thanks for being with us, and we hope you enjoy each challenge!

Sign-Up Process

  1. Before filling out the form below, make sure you have read the entire #MOVETHATLYMPH Virtual Race Challenge Instructions
  2. Submit the registration fee.
  3. Submit the registration form.
  4. Upon receipt of payment and form, you will receive a virtual bib number via email from MOVETHATLYMPHCHALLENGE@GMAIL.COM to use as a hashtag in your check-in posts.
  5. Have fun!

Step 1 – Registration Fee

RISE Challenge-1

Pay Here to Register for the Challenge

Instruction for payment – To pay $15, enter 1 in the box. To pay $30, enter a 2 for additional participants and so forth. Click on the Pay with PayPal button. A portion of the fees this year will go to lymphatic nonprofits. Thank you.


Step 2 – Registration Form


Good Luck and Wishing You Awesome Lymphatic Health!

Learning more and connecting with others can be a source of support and comfort.

Visit our lymphedema groups to find what’s right for you.

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