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Podcast Interview with Lymph Logic

“We are different in our approach to lymphedema. We aim to provide hope and understanding of the lymphatic system through knowledge and experience.” – Lymph Logic

Lymph Logic

In early July before I was struck with an illness that took me offline for the better part of 8 weeks, I had the most incredible opportunity to sit down with one of my favorite people in the lymphatic world and also make a new friend!

Anita Bakke, a CLT, has been in my group since its inception in 2015 and early on would contribute valuable key pieces of information. For almost 3 years (I think, or maybe 2), I had no idea that she was a lymphedema therapist!! She hid it well, never explicitly saying “As a CLT, …” or “I tell my patients..” when commenting on various topics. Imagine my shock when she took off her super hero mask! In all seriousness, we have had her as a guest speaker before, so it was exciting to get to work with her on this podcast. It’s always good to catchup with a longtime friend.

In meeting Dr. Mary Al-Saleh I can see why they are a match made in heaven. Dr. Mary writes the following, “My purpose is simple, I want to serve the highest good. My goal is to spread knowledge about lymphedema wherever I am physically located.  I am humbled and filled with gratitude each day that I am able to help someone.” She was absolutely wonderful.

One of these days I’m packing my bags and headed to see to them!

For more information on Anita and Dr. Mary visit their About page on Lymph Logic.

Podcasts 1 & 2

We talked and laughed so hard that our podcast had to be split into two sessions. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did speaking with them both.

Talking with Lymphie Strong Founder, Veronica (Vern) P. Seneriz – Vol. 1 of 2

Talking with Lymphie Strong Founder, Veronica (Vern) P. Seneriz – Vol. 2 of 2

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