JOBST Relax Nighttime Garment Review

Here is my blog post review on the JOBST Relax nighttime garment. A nighttime garment can be an easy alternative to wrapping and bandaging overnight. It’s completely up to your own individual situation as to whether you need it or not.

Let me begin by saying that I have waited for this garment for over TWO YEARS. Super excited to have it. I really feel blessed to have it now.

I wasn’t aware that nighttime garments were made for lymphedema until 2014. Most of you know that I have had LE for 25 years and at around year 20, my legs stopped going down overnight by themselves. I had a total freak out/meltdown at the time. I didn’t understand what was happening and why my body was changing. I also used to be this person that hated wearing socks to bed, so the thought of wearing bandages or a garment for the rest of my life to bed was overwhelming at first. All of that has changed, and I have adjusted to the fact that there are just some things that are part of my life now.

The Relax is a custom garment, so I had to go to my local fitter to get measured and then order. I specifically requested the covered toes option. Ironically, now I do not like my toes exposed. My favorite color is magenta, so I had to go with rose (pink).

The garment is deliberately folded at the top so you can see it is a deeper rose color on the inside, and the micro massaging effect you get leaves a textured imprint.

This garment is soft and comfortable and very lightweight. I packed both legs in the side pocket in a carry on bag out of town this week with no issue, and I wore it under pajama pants. I also wear them with shorts, since these are thigh high. The foot bottoms have traction to help prevent skidding, and it is made with Cool Max technology. It actually feels like you are wearing normal clothes/leggings versus an actual lymphedema garment to me, but maybe that is just me.

If you are wondering why both legs are covered, I have primary lymphedema in both legs. This garment comes in CCL1 or CCL2. I need CCL2 (20-30 mmhg). Pricing depends on your insurance coverage. You do need a prescription for this garment.

Let me know your questions in the comments below.

Wishing you great lymphatic health,

Lymphie Strong


  1. I have had my Relax garment for nearly a year and I love it. Yes, very lightweight and comfortable. I have never felt the need to take it off in the middle of the night like other night time garments I have had. Never get too hot in it. Easy to travel with: folds up nicely and fits in my carry on bag. My leg always feels better in the morning and less swollen. I also sometimes wear it while lounging at home during the day. Great product!😃

  2. If this is used instead of wrapping then I assume it reduces. What I don’t understand is how it works if reduction is successful because then the measurements would change but the garment cannot be adjusted.
    Please explain. Thanks.

      1. I wrapped in the past. Currently I wear a Jobst elvarex in the day and am considering initiating some kind of nighttime attempt at reduction.

      2. Ok, that helps. If you are skilled and adept at wrapping, the only advantage you might have with a nighttime garment from your point of view might be when traveling or short on time for some other reason. Nighttime garments exert resting pressure on the limbs and are used typically during the maintenance phase. I have been reduced since 2015, so I have been maintaining my reduction for 4 years now.

        Even while wearing daytime compression, we do have some swelling as our bodies output generally about 3 liters of fluid during the normal course of the day. For me, I HATE WRAPPING. The washing of the bandages and all of it. I’d rather put my nails to a chalkboard. I used to tear off my bandages. With this garment, it’s a 2 minute slip on and slip off. As far as the reduction, your legs are reduced to slip on the DAYTIME garment in the morning. Daytime garments exert working pressure. Then by the time you go to sleep and are slightly more swollen from a full day of activity, it’s the same thing. The cycle repeats.

        Hope that makes sense. Here are some great videos on the Relax.


      3. Thanks for the reply. It seems to me that you are saying the the garment and the wrapping serve different functions. Wrapping is for reduction and the nighttime garment more for maintenance and to return to whatever the overall status is from the MLD/wrapping. My goal is to see if I can get any further reduction since it’s been 20 years since treatment. I do daily massage and do not wear anything at night.

      4. Love this thread and dialogue! Yes, my goal is different.

        Wrapping can be used for both maintenance and reduction though. The Jobst Relax is intended for the maintenance phase. There are other kits for reduction. Check out the Farrow Wraps. You could still save time and the wraps are adjustable. Worth looking into at least. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I enjoyed meeting you. 😊💕💕

      5. That sounds more like what I need. I just purchased 2 elvarex garments so it’ll be a bit before I purchase anything else. It’s so annoying that these products are not covered by insurance

  3. Veronica, Thank You so very much for this review, and detailed information. I am currently receiving MLD daily, since the first week of October. My Therapist has already started looking into customized garments for me. I am in a Facility, where I have to give up the bulk of my money, so therefore have nothing left to spare for just about anything. I am going to call Jobst to see if they accept any of my insurances. I am very exhausted from talking to UHC. There is already a Letter Of Medical Necessity in place for me.

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