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Got Chafing?

Kind of an awkward post, but here it goes! The date on this photo is May 17, 2018, so I guess that’s how long I’ve been using this “new to me” anti-blister/anti-chafing spray. Supposedly triathletes use it.

Our latest challenge kicked off on April 1, and so far I have been in the pool and on my bike.

So how to handle the issue of thigh chafing? Even when getting out of the water, most of us with lower extremity lymphedema have some degree of rub due to the nature of the swelling itself. It’s a common problem, and I found Tri Slide by accident.

This is not a product endorsement. Just something I picked up out of curiosity at a sporting goods store and now prefer over a similar glide stick product. Using the glide stick was a little cumbersome for me. I prefer this spray and go method.

I cannot speak as to whether it will ruin the elasticity or your garments or otherwise harm them. I do not know how it works on sensitive skin or if there are any known allergies to worry about. This product works as a solution for me personally, and I thought I would share it. Look it up to see if it might work for you.

Wishing you great lymphatic health,

Lymphie Strong


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