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Power Symposium 2019 in New Orleans

On Wednesday March 20th, I will be attending a Juzo USA event at Power Symposium 2019 in New Orleans as part of a patient panel on Lymphedema Advocacy. I am incredibly excited to share my story with this awesome team.

Advocates Making a Positive Impact
Pattie Cornute, Amy Rivera, Veronica “Vern” Seneriz, Lindsay Sosovec and Thomas Walsh

“People living with lymphedema or lipedema must overcome constant challenges as part of their daily routine. There are so many incredible ambassadors out there, advocating for themselves and others battling these diseases. Their stories are awe-inspiring and motivating. You’ll get to meet a few of the fierce warriors, breaking down barriers and setting the example for others of how to keep living and moving. Read their stories on the Juzo Steps to Better Health blog.”

Please drop any questions you might have on any Juzo product in the comments below. I will gather up the questions and take them to the conference and return with answers in a blog post.

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Thank you!!


  1. Several have commented that it is best to get Juzo short instead of regular length. I am 5’7” and have just started wearing thigh highs 5 months ago. All appeared fine today but while out walking my dog one ended up bunched behind my knee and of course, very uncomfortable. I was near nothing where I could fix it. Although I was measured, it happens frequently. Is shorter better?

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