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#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 FALL 60 Day Challenge

Hello Fall

Pumpkin spice is back!! Oh yeah!  Let’s go Friday Night Lights, colorful leaves, candy corn, and hopefully cooler weather as the Fall season is upon us.  Many of us will feel some relief as the temperatures and humidity levels begin to drop. This is personally my favorite time of the year!

For our next #MOVETHATLYMPH challenge, we will do a #60DayChallenge for Fall.  To participate in this challenge, you MUST share your posts in The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club (LRFC) closed FB group with the hashtag #movethatlymph and share your workouts.  No need for your workouts to be complicated.  Participate at YOUR level.  This is a challenge for Lymphies by Lymphies.  This means it is NOT a competition.  It is a challenge for yourself to improve or maintain your lymphatic health, depending on your needs.

Challenge Instructions**

Joining The Challenge

  • Scroll to the bottom of this page 
  • Leave a sentence describing why you are joining the 60 Day Challenge in the “Leave A Reply” comments below no later than September 25, 2017 8 PM CST.
  • If you are not already in the The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club (LRFC) closed Facebook group, please join.  Answer the questionnaire.***

Types of #MOVETHATLYMPH Activities

  • You can run, walk, swim, march in place, hike, yoga, pilates, aquatic exercise, chair exercise, deep breathing, gardening, stretching, or any other activity your heart desires.  
  • Dedicate at least 10 minutes per day.  If you can do more, that’s great.
  • Commit to #MOVETHATLYMPH 3x per week or more

Participation Rules

  • Post your #movethatlymph #lymphiestrong status update at least 1 x per week through November 21, 2017.
  • Each participant is responsible for tracking their own updates. Lymphie Strong will post weekly start reminders each Friday.  
  • Any member losing track will no longer be eligible.  You are encouraged to keep a journal if necessary!
  • Weekly start dates are as follows –
    • Week 1 Sept 22
    • Week 2 Sept 29
    • Week 3 Oct 6
    • Week 4 Oct 13
    • Week 5 Oct 20
    • Week 6 Oct 27
    • Week 7 Nov 3
    • Week 8 Nov 10
    • Week 9 Nov 17
  • Example status updates you can post-
    • #MOVETHALYMPH Week #1
      • 9/22 – Walking
      • 9/24 – Swimming
      • 9/26 – Yoga
    • #MOVETHATLYMPH Week #2
      • 9/29 – Deep Breathing/Pumping
      • 9/30 – Stretching
      • 10/2 – Gardening
    • As a separate option, you may post every single day, but you must keep track until you hit 27.  
      • #MOVETHATLYMPH  Workout 1 – Walking (posted on 9/22)
      • #MOVETHATLYMPH  Workout 2 – Running (posted on 9/23)
      • #MOVETHATLYMPH  Workout 3 – Deep Breathing (posted on 10/01)
  • Choose the method that is easiest for you.  (9 Weeks = 9 updates or Daily Posts = 27 updates)
  • The leader board post will be published each week.


  • LRFC members maintaining these requirements will be entered into a live FB drawing on November 21, 2017.**

Juzo Freedom in Motion® Grand Prizes

The following prizes are sponsored by Juzo USA.


Grand Prize – New Juzo Off The Shelf Compression (1 garment)


Grand Prize – New Juzo Off The Shelf Compression for a child under 18 (1 garment)

LRFC Prizes

The following prizes have been donated by individual members of The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club.

Health Packages

  • Personal training for 5 days via Skype –Jeff D
  • Health Coaching for 3 months –Kim U

Gift Baskets

  • Barb’s Gift Basket –Barb H
  • Treats For Feet Basket – This basket includes Body Shop peppermint foot scrub, spray, essential oil, lotion, magnesium stick for feet. –Chauna K
  • Wine Package – Includes 2 bottles of wine and handmade wooden wine carrier that comes with a waiter’s cork screw – Iowa Wine.  Winner to choose Merlot, Chardonnay, Moscato, Reisling, etc.-Brenda B
  • Norwex Cleaning Package Gift Basket -Amanda H

Handcrafted Items

  • Stamped, sterling silver pendant made by group member. Choice of word ‘Fierce’ or ‘Strong’ by winner. -Gabriella B
  • Handmade Butterfly Blanket -Yolanda M
  • Knitted Lap Blanket -Kim R

Gift Cards

  • $25 ITunes Gift Card -Jenn B
  • $25 Lymphie Strong t-shirt voucher -Lulu T
  • $25 Amazon Card -Terry M
  • Starbucks Gift card -Melanie N

Other Items

  • Romance book written by Author Robin Bayne who has Lymphedema –Robin B

  • Spenco Flip Flops – Built in orthotic/arch support. Whole size in black or tan in either Womens or Mens. –Tina C

Dog Training Prize

  • Separate drawing for dog training lessons for the most #movethatlymph with pets posts –Tracy K (How cute is that?!)

Child Prize

  • Mystery Box – Age and gender appropriate based on winner under 18 via Toyaholic (Wife has Lymphedema)

Thank You!

On behalf of the LRFC, we want to thank all of our donors for their generosity and goodwill towards the Lymphedema community.  This is a group of Lymphies helping Lymphies with encouragement, support, and sense of camaraderie.

A special thank you to Juzo USA for being our first corporate sponsor for the #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge and believing in us.  Compression is critically important to lymphedema management as well as exercise.

Participant Photo Gallery

Here are some group members that are in it to win it!

“Become one of those rare people who don’t know how to quit.” – Robin Sharma

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” – Richard Bach

“We need to remember that circumstances don’t make a person, they reveal a person.” – Emma Jameson

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. -Thomas Edison

“Always be yourself and have faith in yourself.” – Bruce Lee

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Teresa

Don’t forget to drop your reply below that you are in the challenge.  See you next week!

Wishing you awesome lymphatic health,

Lymphie Strong

**See the disclaimer about exercising and participating at your own risk.  Lymphie Strong reserves the right to remove any member or comments for impropriety or other unbecoming conduct.  To join The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club, you must answer the questionnaire. 
***Multi-level marketing posts in the group and via private message to members is strictly prohibited.  You will be removed and blocked without notice.


  1. I’m in for this one! I missed out on the spring challenge, mostly due to lack of motivation, some depression, etc. But here I am, and here I go! Signed up for a Crossfit gym, and planning to start a barre challenge in November. Thanks Vern for keeping the momentum going in our group, and creating such a welcoming and positive environment!

  2. I was so motivated by all the other LE warriors in the summer challenge, so yes, I’m in for fall. It’s a new season & time to find some new ways to #movethatlymph as the weather changes.

  3. Although I am still dealing with some heart issues (why I had to drop out of the summer challenge) I am feeling better and this challenge has motivated me to get moving. I’m really excited about the pet prize because two adorable Weimaraners have joined our family! Can’t wait to post pics of them.

  4. This challenge will serve as a test for me to see if rebounding makes a difference in health. My posts may look the same, but rebounding is a fantastic motivator for me, and I want to see if I can rebound at least 5 times a week (when I’m in town)! Movement is movement, right??? 🙂 Thanks Vern!

  5. Participating to keep myself accountable for working out consistently. So excited to see so many participating!! Have fun and enjoy the journey.

  6. I am joining because I need to stay active to stay healthy. Being part of this is a fun way to connect with fellow lymphie on a positive level. Seeing all the posts is inspiring and a reminder that we are not letting lymphedema stop us. Thanks Vern.

  7. I was so inspired and moved by all of the people who participated in the last 60 day challenge that I really wanted to be a part in the next one. I need to take charge of my life and make myself accountable for my own health that I felt the best way to start is by joining this new 60 day challenge. Im looking forward to see how the next 60 days will help improve my health and most importantly my lymphedema! I am very blessed to be a part of this group. I’m truly thankful that God lead me to this group. Thank you Vern for all of your hard work and to the group for being an awesome support team for all of us. ❤️

  8. Okay, I’m in! I’ve been struggling with my health lately and I think #movethatlymph will help me push past it. Looking forward to moving with ya’ll this time. -Genevieve

  9. I am joining this challenge to keep me motivated and have fun in my stress filled world right now. Also, everyone in this group encourages and uplift each other no matter what’s going on. Thank you Vern for all you do and continue to do for us lymphies. 😘

  10. I am participating to challenge myself more/great motivation and for accountability. I have to fight /manage my full body Lipedema as well as my Lymphedema in order to not become bedridden. Today I did a 3 plus hour work out in the pool and pushed lots of fluid in preparation for flying out for my one year follow up with Dr Herbst. I hope I will be able to move that lymph in a pool while I’m there.

  11. I have a personal goal to get my 10km run under 60mins. Building speed into my training is a tricky balance with the lymphie legs and it needs careful monitoring. In the next 60 days I will train hard to #movethatlymph, be as healthy as possible & meet that goal. I will be inspired by this community and help others in their own personal quests!

  12. I am joining because I want to be a part of this group that inspires me DAILY!!! I need y’all on this journey and I am grateful for you!!! #movethatlymph

  13. I am so thrilled to find this group! The summer challenge was a great motivator for me and I want to keep it up!

  14. I got completely off track during the summer with my fitness and self-care and I desperately need the accountability and support that this challenge will provide. I was so impressed by everyone who participated in the summer challenge and the amazing things that they all accomplished! Looking forward to cheering everyone as we move lymph and smash our goals!

  15. I found that participating in the Summer 60-Day challenge helped me to keep myself accountable for my workouts and other ways to keep the lymph moving. The encouragement & support of others in the group were an added incentive to keep going. So, this new challenge will help me again to keep doing the best I can to get my body as strong as I can, and hopefully keep my LE from getting me down.
    Thanks Vern – you are the Best!!

  16. To get back on track in cooler weather. I really struggled with fitness this summer and my legs are not pleased with me.

  17. So excited to participate … I am here to motivate and encourage my lymphie family and continue progressing on my journey .. one step at a time ..
    One post at a time … I am here to learn from my lymphie family and help in any way I can to keep you all on track and pushing for more !!!!!
    Never settle !!

    Ready Set …

  18. I am looking forward to the support and inspiration to drop the last 8 pounds to return to the weight I was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 12/27/13. I thought doing this would be impossible once I was diagnosed with lymphedema in my treated breast!

  19. I am in this to challenge myself to become more fit. I want to have a better quality of life and be the best I can be!

  20. I have found this Facebook page and challenge to be very motivating. I am already five months into my fitness journey but my hope is through the pictures (which I don’t like to post, yikes) I can motivate others in the same way I have been motivated by my virtual Lymphies. Thank you Vern for your continued motivation!!

  21. My motto for lymphe demanded is “education /information /legislation “.
    All 3 are needed in our fight as lymphedema advocates

  22. Working out has been part of my life prior to cancer and LE, during surgery recovery, and now as I approach remission June 2018! Doing my workouts alongside this group is exactly where I feel like I am loved and not judged. Here’s to our amazing time together as we #movethatlymph.

  23. I am entering this challenge because I tend to be very sedentary and know that I need to improve my physical movement in order to help move the lymph. I have been encouraged by all the people who belong to the Lympie Strong Group.

  24. I’m in!! I’m so excited to see all that will happen in this challenge and the support we will be offering to each other! Thanks Vern!!

  25. Joining this challenge because I’m in need of motivation to get back working out regularly. Also I just love all the wonderful things our host is doing for LE community and want to support her.

  26. I’m in. I need the accountability to help stay focused. I just had a left knee total knee replacement in 9/14. Getting back on top of my health.

  27. I’m in!! I want to join for motivation and accountability. I want to cheer others on too. Together we are better!! #movethatlymph

  28. Using this challenge as motivation to get back on track…40 Year Primary Lymphie who’s had no motivation over the last 5 months and really need to get up and get.

  29. You can see the cover of the e-book I am giving away on my website or Facebook page! robinbayne.com The book is “Reunion At Crane Lake,” my newest release. Thanks for coordinating this awesome challenge!

  30. I’m up for this challenge! I had a tough lymphedema summer. Bring on the fall. I love going to the gym and this will help keep me motivated.

  31. November 21st is my b-day. Biggest gift I could give myself is to move more! Plus just bought a treadmill & told husbs it is my gift so I better start using!

  32. I’m in for the fall #movethatlymph challenge. I need to get moving for my physical and mental well being. This is just the push I need to get started!

  33. I am in for this one! It just sounds fun and I have a little more time to get on “the Facebook” more often. I work out regularly. So cool all can participate no matter their situation. Tks Vern and good luck everybody!

  34. Now that I don’t have any assignments left, I’m out of excuses – count me in! This will be the beginning of dealing with “too much study neck” and “flat butt syndrome”. Looking forward to getting physical with you al!!

  35. Hi dear Vern, I need to move my lymph and be accountable for doing so! And I’d really love some support to know I can do it!

  36. Looking forward to joining this challenge so I can get fit and stay active instead of becoming a recluse during the fall and winter months. Also, my health could use a little more activity for my lymphie legs.

  37. I’m in this to improve my health and move that lymph! I missed the spring one so as the weather gets colder here in mass I wanna make sure I don’t hibernated ❤️

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