#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 Challenge

#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 Summer 60 Day Challenge WINNERS!! 

Announcing the WINNERS of the #60DayChallenge!!

It is my honor and pleasure to announce the names of the Lymphies that were the final winners of the #60DayChallenge to #MOVETHATLYMPH #LYMPHIESTRONG.  

All winners adhered to all components of the challenge. There were 23 finalists eligible for the drawing which resulted in 627 POSSIBLE WORKOUTS OR MORE posted within 60 DAYS!!!!  Many of these participants did not stop when they reached the 27 posts requirement.  They kept going and supporting their fellow members to the finish deadline.

If there is ANY ever doubt in your mind that people with lymphedema cannot exercise or are lazy or fat, I challenge you to join The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club. and see for yourself a group of people that are debunking myths, overcoming insurmountable odds, and smashing all types of barriers and labels.  In short, their illness does not define them.  You will not find a more determined group of positive like minded individuals working towards a common goal of living with lymphedema in a healthy and fit way of life.

Physical fitness with lymphedema is TOUGH.  Make no mistake.  There are some patients that battle chronic cellulitis or require surgeries and might battle co-existing chronic conditions.  Unlike other groups or challenges, there was absolutely NO judgement in not being able to finish for health or other reasons.  It is a judgement free zone and always will be.  Everyone that participated did an amazing job.

Challenge Instructions Overview Recap

  • You can run, walk, swim, march in place, hike, do yoga, pilates, aquatic exercise, chair exercise, deep breathing, stretching, or any other activity your heart desires.  Dedicate at least 10 minutes per day.  If you can do more, that’s great.
  • Post your #movethatlymph #lymphiestrong status at least 3 x per week through August 19, 2017.  This means a total of 27 workouts or #movethatlymph posts will be counted. Once you hit 27, you are in the drawing.
  • Participants meeting the above with receive an “x” mark for each week they complete.
  • The leaderboard post will be published each week on Saturday.
  • LRFC members receiving all checks will be entered into a live FB drawing GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE on August 20, 2017.
    • $180 in gift cards towards compression donated by LRFC members
    • Personal 1-1 Donated Training Package w/ Jeff which includes 5 30 minute sessions with the first being an assessment. 
  • Other Prizes
    • $75 Best Effort (Decided by 3 judge Panel)
    • $50 Most Supportive (Group Poll Vote)

***The deadline was extended to Sept 1 due to unforeseen personal circumstances.


Elle Tee 

Elle Tee is a Lymphoedema blogger based in the U.K.  Her blog is called LymphFashion Lymphoedema – Fashion and Travel for the Lymphoedema Sufferer.   Elle joined late in the challenge but finished strong and was selected at random when her name was drawn via FB Live drawing in The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club.

I decided to join the #movethatlymph challenge on a whim. I took the decision lightly. How hard could it be!? I work out anyway! How I was wrong… It challenged me to make myself accountable for how hard I worked. Even if I didn’t go to the gym I would want to prove that I had moved around enough for validation. To be part of a group challenge motivated me to try new things so my posts wouldn’t look the same everyday. I was the lucky draw winner. I never win anything. Due to varied circumstances I put the prize up for redraw… kept the PT sessions with Jeff Davis… actually really need to send that email…. Thank you Lymphie Strong for setting these challenges!  – E. Tee

Since Elle is based in the U.K., she chose to keep the Personal Training package donated by Jeff Davis.  The $180 USD was then resubmitted and a second live drawing was done to find a second winner.

Red Songs

The second winner drawn at random was Diane Lieder aka Red Songs.    Do not be fooled by the grandmother in this relaxed photo.  She will take you on at walking!! It’s not uncommon for her to complete a 11.5K walk, MLD, then hit the pool for 45 minutes in one day.  She was in it to win it from the beginning.  Diane chose to keep $100 USD and donate $80 of the prize back to victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Thank you, Diane, for your kindness and generosity in the aftermath of the disaster that hit Texas.

Best Effort

Jessie Schrage

This prize goes to Jessie Schrage. Jessie tracked her workouts via Apple Watch and posted her stats in real time.  Her top steps in one day was 16,000.  She also managed to complete all of her workouts while her son’s baseball season was ongoing.  Her workouts varied and here she is pictured bowling with her son.

Thanks again to donor Mary Beth Clarke for her generosity in sponsoring this category.

Most Supportive

Terry Moore

The cheerleader of our group.  As a group, the members voted via poll on the most supportive members.  Terry can always find the positive silver lining in any situation.  When someone had a tough day or workout, Terry was there with an uplifting word or inspiring post for them.  She is an asset to our group as well as a dedicated cross trainer enthusiast.  Thank you, Terry, for all of your time and commitment to others.  You posted over 100 comments.  Terry chose to donate her prize to the victims of Hurricane Harvey as well.  She is a caring human being.


Aside from myself donating the initial prize, fellow members Mary Beth Clarke and Roll Tide fan Jeff Davis helped make this challenge a complete success.  Can’t thank you enough for upping the ante in prize packages and making it a more rounded out challenge experience.

Lymphie Strong aka Vern Seneriz

MB Clarke 

Follow Jeff Davis on Instagram as lymphietriathlete.


So what was the challenge really like?  Here are a few testimonials from other members that completed the challenge. ❤️


I joined in on the #movethatlymph challenge for several reasons. One of them is loving a challenge. I love being held a accountable for the most part. Secondly the aspect of comradeship this group gives to everyone is awesome. We all get insight and a pat on the back when needed. Thirdly I personally like to show, that it’s really not that bad to keep moving . You will never regret a work out or a walk you took. I’m looking forward to another challenge. I’ll be doing more this time around like weight lifting and trying to get it in my head that I really can run. Here’s to a new challenge.. —J Belkota 


I’m a total #s nerd and just finished adding up my miles from the summer #movethatlymph challenge!

Treadmill = 120 minutes (toe injury a week or so into the challenge, so I bumped up…)

Swimming = 35 miles

Pilates Jump Board classes = 6

Paddling (OC6, OC1, and SUP) = 196 miles

Already thinking about the Fall Challenge & how I can exceed my summer totals, especially since outrigger season is tapering off. One more race in November…11 miles on the Colorado River.  Thought I’d add a few pix from the CO River race a couple of years ago. Wild donkeys all over the place…so the burro has to pose with the Burrows, right? – J. Burrows 

I loved the #movethatlymph 60 day summer challenge. My goal was to increase my endurance. Some days I didn’t want to run, but I felt accountable to all my friends, even though we’ve never met in person. I found such encouragement and inspiration in this group. Truly, I felt nothing but love. By the end of the summer, I was able to run 9 miles without stopping. I wouldn’t have done this on my own. Appreciate each and everyone who gave words of encouragement. 🦋💪🏻🏃🏼‍♀️ —L. Tandy

When I did the #MovethatLymph Summer Challenge 2017 the one thing that helped me was I had made a commitment and it helped me to keep doing something even when I did not feel like doing anything. I, also, was encouraged by other that working in my flower garden was moving the lymphedema. I enjoyed seeing how others moved. I did not quit when I would have before. A very small section of the flower bed. I am looking to another challenge. —R. Ida 

I’m actually not good at group stuff but I decided to give this a go and am so glad I did. The really amazing thing was the encouragement and empathy – you guys ‘get it’. It kept me motivated. —G. Borsay

Shortly after doing my first 5k in Santa Monica this summer to support lymphedema I was so inspired by everyone I met. I wanted to do more for our Le community and myself to stay motivated, so I took the summer challenge and went with it. I enjoyed sharing a little of my day with all of you in hopes of inspiring you to move a little each day too. I know I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone’s post. We have people from all over the world how cool is that ? We get to connect with positive thoughts all the time. Living with lymphedema in a positive healthy way makes it a little easier. Cheers to us ! Looking forward to the next one. #movethatlymph. I will be putting together a little basket of goodies as my gift to the challenge group. I will post a picture of it when I have it ready and who ever wins it I will mail it to them. Xoxo = B. Harmer

The summer #movethatlymph challenge was incredibly motivating! I’d had a huge Lymphoedema setback over the summer months here in Australia and despite all my training and health efforts my primary bilateral leg Lymphoedema had moved to my trunk. I was devastated!!! I got extra treatment help, a leg pump at home, diet overhaul, heavier compression, a new training regime and kept my dream to still run a marathon in the Australian Outback. How could I miss out??? I listened carefully to my body and trained hard within my capabilities. I ran/walked segments and trained my mind to know that these legs can go the distance. I posted my training on our page and was so encouraged by others and their goals. Everyone is so different, but we all have the same struggle – lymphatically challenged. I was inspired by the variety of movements, the encouraging words, the passion and drive to try new things and the determination to not give in!! I crossed that marathon finish line and gave it everything I had to finish that race! It was an incredible moment. The training didn’t stop there though, cause this is about health and well being. This group continues to encourage me and I’m very grateful for them! —J. Van Ree

Photo Credit:  Australian Outback Marathon, All rights reserved.

Join us for the next Fall/Winter #MOVETHATLYMPH #LYMPHIESTRONG Challenge coming up soon!! 

Wishing you awesome lymphatic health, 

Lymphie Strong

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