Father’s Day Surprise

Saturday night I got home from swimming, and this was on my doorstep. I began crying tears of joy. For those that don’t know, I developed truncal Lymphedema in my back in January 2016. No specific cause identified. This was after 22 years in my legs. It’s been a steep learning curve to manage both legs and my trunk. My biggest problem was that I cannot physically reach my back to do self MLD. 

In January 2017, I decided on my own to send an email to my Tactile Medical rep asking if they could sell the jacket piece of the Flexitouch head/neck pump solution they recently released.  She didn’t say yes, but she didn’t say no either. I don’t have swelling in my arms, so I just needed the jacket only. 

It took 6 months of clinical research and paperwork, but my CLT was able thoroughly document my case during CDT. My doctor prescribed it, and I received a custom program.  This will help the swelling I have in the upper horizontal watershed of my back and lateral sides of my trunk along the ribs. 
I’m not only happy that I received this, but I’m hoping I paved the way for anybody else out there similar to my case. Since it was Father’s Day weekend, I can’t help but think my Dad was helping from heaven. 

If you suspect you have truncal Le, this is a blog post I did. I’m not a medical professional, but it might help. 


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