Once Bitten Twice Shy

Be careful with insect bites. 

Two weeks ago I had a spider bite and overnight I gained so much fluid. Approximately 10 lbs. I honestly thought I was headed for cellulitis. Of course I went to the doctor right away, because I was taking no chances.   Finished my antibiotics then started CDT this past Friday after finding out my right leg was up 5 cm, there was pitting for the first time since ’14, and obviously no bones could be seen. 

I’m bilateral, and my left leg was doing GREAT thanks to some diet changes I was making called Keto. Lefty was not phased by the spider for some reason. Ha! Maybe because I was bitten on the right side of my trunk.  Who knows? 

After I was bitten, at first I tried to “walk it out”, then I tried to pump it out. Nothing took the place of a good full body MLD with a therapist and bandaging for 48 hours.  Kinesiology tape was also applied to my back to help my trunk drain. 

Friday’s surprise was my CLT put me on an exercise bike ๐Ÿšด๐Ÿป for 10 minutes and had me rebound for 10 minutes. I was rebounding wrong at home. Too fast. We saw a 1.6 cm reduction in my ankle from the beginning of MLD to the end. She took measurements twice. 

I am lucky that my body still responds so quickly to treatment. There may come a time when it won’t, but I stay positive. 

It doesn’t stop here though. I will continue to do this for the next month. 

Normally I wear daytime compression stockings, but I only needed to be wrapped up to the thigh on the right leg. I used a knee high nighttime garment I got out of sheer luck last year on the left leg. Compression is expensive. I’ll wait until I can afford to buy non pantyhose style. 

My trunk is also still up. I don’t post pictures of my trunk, because I share so much of my personal journey already.  When I post pictures, sometimes I feel like it’s giving away a piece of me. Of course I do it for the sake of Lymphedema Awareness.  That’s why I decided to name my Lymphedema “Lee”, after the abbreviation LE. 

This is how “Lee” woke up today when bandages were removed.  Good job! I see some ankle bones and knee bones again. 

As usual, I will share the journey and the ups and downs. You are welcome to share yours too in the blog comments below. 

Wishing you awesome lymphatic health!

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