Xpandasox Tries Innovative Way to Reach the Undiagnosed with Lymphedema or Lipedema

In May of 1998, I was driving down the Southwest freeway in Houston, TX and saw two legs that looked like my Dad’s one leg. It said “Do you have swelling?” and I pulled over to write down the 1(800) number. By then my Dad had had swelling for over two decades and countless cellulitis bouts. That billboard led us to a diagnosis when I was 4 years into my own journey with lymphedema.

It was unforgettable and life altering.

Today in 2019 I’m so thrilled to announce that XPANDASOX will try to reach the misdiagnosed and undiagnosed by adding lymphiestrong.com to every packing slip that ships a pair of socks. Many customers search on Amazon for wide calf socks not necessarily realizing why they might have swelling.

It is my sincere hope that we are able to help others. Xpandasox and its CEO, Sharon Thorp, are nothing short of amazing and so forward thinking. Thank you for putting forth this wonderful idea.

Ideas and innovations that change lives. Bless You.

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