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Guest Video by Judy Burrows, Secretary, Lymphatic Education & Research Network California Chapter

Judy Burrows has lived with lymphedema for 18 years. Last year Judy joined a LE&RN Symposium that listed The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club as an online lymphedema support group resource. It is a Facebook group by Lymphie Strong dedicated to fitness and exercise of all types. She joined and it is there where she felt supported and decided to attend the 2018 LE&RN California Chapter Walk for the first time ever, largely because she knew that several people from the online group would be there. Her experience at the walk was so moving that she volunteered for LE&RN and became a lymphedema activist.

This year she serves as LE&RN CA Chapter Secretary, and she’s inviting you to attend the 2019 Walk based on how she was personally inspired. Listen to her heartfelt message. It is a timeless example of the power of meeting your community online and finding support and camaraderie at in person events.

Visit https://lymphaticnetwork.org/lymph-walk for registration details.


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