Lipedema Treatment Guide en Español

Exciting news for all of the Spanish speaking community impacted by lipedema. Kathleen Lisson, author of Swollen, Bloated, and Puffy and Lipedema Treatment Guide, just released the Spanish version of the latter book entitled Lipedema Guía Terapéutica last month.  She reached out to me and together we decided to do a giveaway that ended on March 29, 2019.

Lymphie Strong is a globally inclusive community, and we try to reach as many as we can that do not have access to information locally.  It is estimated that as many as 150 million suffer from lymphatic diseases worldwide.


¿Eres recién diagnosticado con lipedema? Are you a caregiver or medical provider for a Spanish speaking lipedema patient? Desea una copia gratuita de la Guía de tratamiento de lipedema en español? Si está interesado, comente en este pagina para ganar una copia.

Mi amiga, Kathleen Lisson, acaba de lanzar esta versión. Thankfully, I already have a copy of this fantastic book, so I thought I would pass it along as a giveaway.

To win 🎉

1. Comment below on how lipedema has impacted your life.
2. Share this post.

Un ganador será seleccionado al azar de los comentarios el 29 de Marzo de 2019. ¡Gracias! (Via Lipedema Treatment Guide)


¡Felicidades, eres el ganador de la Guía de Tratamiento de Lipedema en español! Por favor, envíeme un mensaje con tu dirección. Muchas gracias a Lipedema Treatment Guide por el maravilloso sorteo. #lipedema #latinalymphie #sisepuede 💪🏽❤️

We had two different winners on two different social media platforms!  The winner on Facebook was J. Sanchez of Mexico, and on Instagram it was E. Iglesias of Colombia. Each of them opted for the hard copy version, but this is also available on Kindle. I will be following up with these winners to obtain feedback to add to this blog post, along with the original impact they shared.

Stay tuned.

For more information on Kathleen and lipedema, visit https://lipedematreatmentguide.com/ as a resource.

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