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Lymphedema in 1998

Many times throughout this blog I have referred to the billboard that I passed on that fateful Monday in May when I was on my way to my first day of work right after graduating with my BS in Computer Science. I was excited and nervous. Full of promise and hope for my future in a new career. In the middle of Houston’s morning traffic, I was shocked to see a photo of a leg that looked exactly like my father’s leg.

New Discoveries

Today, in reorganizing and Spring Cleaning, I found the following LE Clinic “Edema & Wound Care Clinics” brochure in his personal effects. My hospital birth certificate with my footprints and my parents thumb prints was also there, along with old family photos of my Dad with his siblings. It was all in the same box.

He kept it. He’s deceased now, but I can only assume he kept it because it had a list of do’s and don’ts to manage LE. I’m shocked at the simplicity of it all in our world with the vast internet and online public journals, blogs, pages, etc. All Dad kept was one simple brochure. This clinic took his case and diagnosed him properly after 24 years of misdiagnosis, countless hospitalizations from cellulitis including ICU stays, and overall decreased quality of life. It was a lifeline. He stayed at my apartment for 8 weeks, and I helped him wash and roll bandages.

Dated Brochure

This material was from May 1998!! Almost 21 years ago. I’m floored that nothing has changed in terms of management. I’m shocked at further indications of use for Manual Lymphatic Drainage. So many emotions running through me right now. I can only assume that I found this for a reason. Sadly, this was the place that refused to treat me because I was “too mild.” I checked the website, and it is down. I hold no ill will though.

If you have contacts for anyone that ran this clinic, please let me know. I’d like to thank them for changing the course of our lives for the better. I’d like to thank them for setting up shop in Houston and putting up that billboard. I’d like for them to know that my family is grateful. That I am paying it forward with this site and the entire social media platform.

Brochure Front


Note the thorough explanation of CDT. Under Services Offered, there is Exercise and Nutritional Counseling. Ahead of its time?

Lymphedema Prevention

Indications For Manual Lymph Drainage

Some unique applications listed here!

All my best,

Lymphie Strong


  1. Hello Vern,
    Thank You for this post from your personal family history. Even though the information is dated it is still concise and relevant and a great spring board for anyone finding out they have lymphedema for the first time to move forward and help themselves. Your Dad was a Lymphie Warrior for his time and has instilled this characteristic in you. I Thank You both for continuing the crusade against lymphedema and helping and inspiring so many others. 😘💕

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