Winter Wonderland Race Testimonial from Raleigh, NC

Testimonial from one of our members in Raleigh, NC. This is how it’s done!! Congratulations, Kelly!

Finish Line

“Hooray! I signed up for the half-marathon cumulative distance (in chunks and walk/run since I couldn’t do all at once). I rocked that goal and actually hit 23.25 miles so far. I commit to achieving the full marathon distance before my holiday vacation is over! Highlights: spending time with my beagle, Emerson and seeing two eagles at Shelley Lake Park (Raleigh, NC USA), one a big bald male eagle. Happy New Year!

#freedominmotion #winterwonderlandvirtual5k #movethatlymph

Thank you to Juzo and the Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club.

(MILES: Dec 19 = 2; Dec 20 = 2; Dec 21 = 1.5; Dec 22 = 2; Dec 23 = 2.25; Dec 24 = 3.25; Dec 25 = 2; Dec 27 = 2; Dev 29 = 2; Dec 30 = 2.25; Dec 31 = 2.)

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