I am joining the Autumn Moon Virtual 5K because…

From across the United States to Italy, France, and Australia, find out why people who are living with lymphedema are up to the challenge and joining the Autumn Moon Virtual 5K. On behalf of The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club and Lymphie Strong, our mission is to increase lymphedema and lymphatic health awareness by inspiring our members to get and stay moving as a commitment to their lymphatic health. We are a grassroots group.

This 5K is the 4th event in the 2018 #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge Series which is sponsored in part by Juzo USA.

Let’s keep each other motivated to stay moving!

Members Respond

    This is my incentive to start my fall running to get my base miles and training for the February half marathon I signed up for. Arizona, USA
    The motivation and support from my LE online family. Texas, USA
    I want to keep moving and step it up a little more! I’ve got this! Virginia, USA
    It motivates me to keep moving! Connecticut, USA
    I have lymphedema in my L arm/hand following breast cancer, mastectomy, lymph node dissection in Jan 2018. California, USA
    I’ve got to stay active and fit. Texas, USA
    I want to run for my fellow friends with lymphedema who cannot. Maryland, USA
    Loved the summer challenge and looking forward to this! Texas, USA
    I really want to stay consistent moving daily and need motivation! Minnesota, USA
    Because these events have been really good for getting me more active and moving that lymph.The encouragement and fun of doing all this with everyone – regardless of how long it takes or how we do it is one of my all time favorite things about these events and this group! Texas, USA
    I love the group challenge…keeps me honest to myself when I know my group is waiting on my post for me, just like having a buddy shuffling along with me. Victoria, Australia
    To keep motivated to keep moving, and to prove you can do anything if you are willing to work for it and push for it. Iowa, USA
    Motivation to move more! My plan is a 5k every day. Washington, USA
    My sister Jess Van Ree and I are doing the Autumn Moon Virtual 5K to support the Lymphoedema Running and Fitness Community and to spread awareness of Lymphoedema. New South Wales, Australia
    I love running 5ks. Some days are easier than others. By joining races it keeps me motivated to keep working out. Pennsylvania, USA
    I need to do something positive and motivating. California, USA
    I need to get back to exercising and this is a great incentive. North Carolina, USA
    It’s important to keep moving that lymph! Delaware, USA
    I really want to move that lymph and be motivated by the group, I have many difficulties to exercise although I am quite in a good health. That could really help me to do this first challenge. Yvelines, France
    I have primary lymphedema and this is a great way to get the movement and exercise that I need to keep my lymph in check. And the support of other “lymphies” helps us all! Illinois, USA
    Moon walking is just my thing to raise awareness of lymphoedema!! VA, Italy
    I loved the Summer Challenge, because it really spurred me to work out consistently. I am excited to get back to running. I have already started the Couch to 5K program and want to run a full 5k before this challenge ends! Texas, USA
    To support you and all you do for lymphie community. CRO, Hrvatska
    I am a Lymphie and I am strong even with all my bandages on! Texas, USA
    I need encouragement to keep moving. Reading the comments encourages me to keep trying. Pennsylvania, USA
    Love the challenges. Keeps me honest. Michigan, USA
    I have Lymphedema. I need a new goal. I’m going to do as many 5k’s in that time span as I can. Minnesota, USA
    I love that I can do my small part to raise LE awareness, while staying motivated to move! Georgia, USA
    I am finally able to have compression on my leg post surgery and stand for an hour — time to move the lymph fluid out of the leg. New Jersey, USA
    I am running, skipping, trotting, and walking for anyone who can’t. I love these events! I actually plan to run/walk 100 miles during this 21 day event. Illinois, USA
    Fitness is a key component of managing my primary lymphedema. I am so grateful to be part of this unique group and appreciate the motivation and celebrating the triumphs of others. North Carolina, USA
    I am so excited to be able to walk this year after having both knees replaced last November! I love participating in these events, they give me motivation to keep moving as much as I can. Wisconsin, USA
    I’ve had primary lymphedema for 20 years. I love to stay active/ keep healthy but oh good god do I need something like this communal goal to get me to run. :). California, USA
    I want to continue challenging myself by increasing the amount of activity I do and to begin differentiating activities to move that lymph! Indiana, USA
    By being committed to the Autumn Moon Virtual 5K I will actually walk more. I need this kind of challenges to keep walking. Thank you, Juzo and Vern. Missouri, USA
    They’re fun & gets the lymph going. I cant sit around anyways!! 😀 They’re benefical to research too!! New York, USA
    I love this group and these challenges! Connecticut, USA
    I need to keep exercising and this group helps to keep me motivated. Michigan, USA
    I want to encourage my daughter to move that lymph! We are going to do this together. Illinois, USA
    My mom and I are both battling lymphadema. Ohio, USA
    Oh what fun! Tennessee, USA
    I either move it or lose it!!! Oregon, USA
    It motivates me to take my fitness to another level. I usually do some exercise every day but challenges like this keep me engaged and taking it to the next level. Washington, USA
    I need to keep moving. Ohio, USA
    I think it is so important to connect with and support and encourage fellow Lymphies. It is good for my physical and mental well-being. Michigan, USA

There’s still time to register until September 8, 2018. Here is the link. Be sure to fill out both parts.

As always, we are wishing you awesome lymphatic heath,

Lymphie Strong


  1. I’d love to buy the blue tee shirt – is that still possible, please? I have lymphoedema in my right leg. Gardening and walking are my main fitness points, I could walk the 5k with friends! Thank you. (Im not on Facebook, but my daughter is)

    1. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to buy the blue t-shirt anymore. You can register for this 5K for $10. Just fill out the form and pay the fee. You don’t have to be on Facebook. For the first time this year, we are opening it up to Instagram and Twitter as well if you are on those platforms.

      Otherwise you can complete the challenge and email me your completion photo to lymphiestrong@gmail.com and I’ll post for you. 😃

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