What The Summer #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge Meant To Me

Being part of this challenge has kept me motivated to get stronger and fitter and more active this summer. I have tried three times in the last year to complete the couch to 5k programme and three times cellulitus has meant abandoning the training.

The 60 day challenge got me started again, and I have worked steadily through 7 weeks of the 9 week programme and am now running 25 minutes three times a week. I absolutely loved sharing my weekly achievements with a group of like minded people who completely understand the challenges we lymphies face.

Some weeks I just did not feel motivated but knowing I needed to post every week pushed me out of the door  It’s a lonely condition and so the opportunity to connect with people in a forum who really understand and to receive cheers and acknowledgment from them every step of the way has meant the world to me. I am immensely grateful to the volunteer administrators and to the sponsors.

Thank you,


United Kingdom

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  1. I have participated and completed the Fall Festival Event…Reading all the post in the Group The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club helped to keep me motivated and focused…I am continuing on with posting and doing the routine I have as I want to support and encourage others in the group and maintain a level of comfort with my Lymphedema…Thank you for the support and sponsorship! Tonya J.

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