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Lymphedema Not a Global Problem? I Beg To Differ

I developed LE in college.  For 21 years, I thought that myself and my Dad were the only living people on the planet with lymphedema. One man and his daughter.  Something like that saying, “Even if you were the last person on Earth, I wouldn’t wish LE on you.”  It sounds absolutely absurd to think that we were the only two now even as I type.

When I first started this blog in 2015, my initial focus was shedding light on multi-generational primary lymphedema.  I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to research for information on the internet.  Maybe it was denial?  Maybe I was too busy being a wife and mom?  Maybe I was so desensitized to the many doctors that I had ever had saying “Mmmm hmmm” whenever I listed lymphedema as part of my family history and present medical conditions.  Like “Oh, that’s nice, Dear. Now how can I really help you?”  As I grow older, I think that many things happen for a reason and that maybe it just wasn’t my time to find others out there.

Now I understand I’m part of a worldwide community.  Yesterday I blogged about a young girl just starting her life at her university.  Her Mother explained that they were from Trinidad and Tobago.  I have been to Puerto Rico many times, so I knew it was in the Caribbean.  I decided to look up a few photos.  It looks like a beach paradise.

Trinidad and Tobago

Another conversation I had yesterday was with someone from Germany.  We had a great laugh, because I mailed her #MOVETHATLYMPH shirt to Germany with a GE, but the USPS mailing code for Germany is DE! So embarrassing that it probably ended up in the Republic of Georgia!!  Once again, I looked up a few photos of where she lives.  It is equally breathtaking.

Bonn Germany

Someone I have grown close with and chatted with on the phone lives in Italy, so I looked up her city.

Varese Italy

I had a raging migraine today and managed to sleep it off with a solid 4 hour nap.  When I woke up, I read an inspirational message from someone in Texas here in the United States.  There’s no way I could mess that mailing up.  It’s just right up the road as we say here in Texas.  How were all of these people connected?  The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club.  

Based on this recent international interaction, I decided to check my blog reach again.  I think the last time I checked was back in April.  When the Lymphatic Education & Research Networks says there are approximately 170 million people worldwide with lymphatic disease, I believe them.

Here are the 120 countries around the world that have reached my blog.  I can only imagine what bigger organizations might reach.  I’m not posting these to brag.  I’m listing them to to ask for help and spread awareness.  If you are reading this and can help in any way, please do so.  Sign up for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network, which has chapters in the US and worldwide, or the International Lymphoedema Framework.  Visit either site to learn more information.


United States Finland Lebanon Bangladesh
United Kingdom Luxembourg Morocco Tunisia
Canada Singapore Sri Lanka Congo – Brazzaville
Australia Mexico Iceland Latvia
Germany Bermuda Mauritius Botswana
Italy Israel Chile Algeria
France United Arab Emirates Indonesia Nigeria
Brazil Denmark Jamaica Curaçao
Spain Turkey Serbia Lesotho
Ireland Greece Bosnia & Herzegovina Mongolia
South Africa Malaysia Montenegro Angola
Netherlands Bulgaria Hong Kong SAR China Kazakhstan
Russia Jordan Aruba Guernsey
Belgium Slovakia Kenya Rwanda
Czech Republic Argentina Guatemala Grenada
Switzerland South Korea Isle of Man Guadeloupe
Sweden Colombia Vietnam Monaco
India European Union Macedonia Paraguay
New Zealand Pakistan Jersey Mozambique
Philippines Austria Barbados Réunion
Slovenia Cyprus Honduras Armenia
Ukraine Trinidad & Tobago Ecuador Ghana
Norway Peru Costa Rica U.S. Virgin Islands
Japan Poland Namibia Guam
Portugal Tanzania Estonia Oman
Romania Puerto Rico Malta Guyana
Hungary Taiwan Bahamas Gibraltar
China Saudi Arabia Moldova Iraq
Egypt Qatar Lithuania Libya
Croatia Thailand Venezuela Uganda

If you have lymphedema, always remember that you are braver and stronger than you think. You are not alone with this disease. Is your country listed? Drop a comment below.

Wishing you great lymphatic health,

Lymphie Strong


  1. WoW !! So many countries !! It’s amazing !! We should count all the doctors that know about LE AND CDT !!!! Good job Vern !! Love from France

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