Golfing Competitor now attending Purdue Captures the #MOVETHATLYMPH Summer Fun Prize

It is my honor, joy, and privilege to award the 2018 #MOVETHATLYMPH Summer Fun Juzo garments in the child category to golfer, Serena, of Trinidad and Tobago.

All summer, Serena played golf competitively. In July, she started with the Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championships National Team in Jamaica, which included 4 rounds of 18 hole golf. Each round was about 5 hours of walking, plus 2 days of traveling from Trinidad to Jamaica and Jamaica to Trinidad. A typical day of tournament play was preceded by an hour of practice and followed by an hour of practice to fine tune for the next day’s play.

For the next 2 weeks she practiced an average of 2 rounds of 18 holes and about 5 hours of practicing swing technique and short game. To round out her training, she did 2 hours of yoga and 2-3 hours of circuit/cardio training.

Lastly, she competed in the Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships National Team in the Cayman Islands – 5 rounds of 18 holes along the same lines as the first tournament.

Serena started at Purdue University in Indiana this month and aspires to spread lymphedema awareness as an advocate alongside pursuing her degree. She follows The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club for ideas on how to train. We are so incredibly proud of Serena and her accomplishments!

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