#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 Challenge

2017 #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge for Lymphedema and Lymphatic Health WINNERS

#MOVETHATLYMPH 2017 Fall Challenge Prize WINNERS

Juzo Keep Moving® Grand Prizes

Adult Grand Prize Winner

New Juzo Off The Shelf compression garment

Thank you so much, Juzo, for taking an interest in our group and in our challenge. We are a family of Lymphies who encourage and support each other to #movethatlymph. I also want to personally thank you because I was the grand prize winner. I do use your products already and look forward to receiving my prize. Your generosity is greatly appreciated❣️ -LuAnn Tandy, Grand Prize Winner

Child Grand Prize Winner

New Juzo Off The Shelf compression garment

Thanks Juzo for sponsoring this challenge. My daughter, who will be 13 tomorrow, was beyond excited to have won this prize!! She’s an amazing kid who works hard at school and even harder on the courts and field. Keeping active every day to help her swelling has become part of her daily life, running 1 1/2-2 miles, training, conditioning, practice, games for both volleyball and basketball keeps her busy and compression is a God-send to help keep her swelling at bay. We look forward to using your products and continue to purchase them in the future for her traveling games and events.  Thanks for helping the LE community!! – Edith Zamora

LRFC Prizes

The following prizes have been donated by individual members of The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club.  Listings are by Donor / Winner.

Health Packages

  • Personal training for 5 days via Skype – Jeff D / Terri K
  • Health Coaching for 3 months – Kimberley U / Rita I

Gift Baskets

  • Barb’s Gift Basket –Barbara H / Kimberly P
  • Treats For Feet Basket – This basket includes Body Shop peppermint foot scrub, spray, essential oil, lotion, magnesium stick for feet. -Cha K / Marti D
  • Wine Package – Includes 2 bottles of wine and handmade wooden wine carrier that comes with a waiter’s cork screw – Iowa Wine. Winner to choose Merlot, Chardonnay, Moscato, Reisling, etc.-Brenda B / Kylie K regifted to V Seneriz
  • Norwex Cleaning Package Gift Basket -Amanda G / Maria D

Handcrafted Items

  • Stamped, sterling silver pendant made by group member. Choice of word ‘Fierce’ or ‘Strong’ by winner. Gabriella B/ Leah H
  • Handmade Butterfly Blanket -Yolanda M/ Stephanie S
  • Knitted Lap Blanket – Kimberly R/ Lisa P

Gift Cards

  • $25 ITunes Gift Card – Jennifer B / Barbara H
  • $25 Lymphie Strong t-shirt voucher -LuAnn T / Gisele D
  • $25 Amazon Card -Terry M/ Jessica A
  • Starbucks Gift card – Melanie N/ Jessie S
  • $25 choice of gift card – Deborah W / Nikki M

Other Items

  • Romance book written by Author Robin B who has Lymphedema / Jennifer G
  • Spenco Flip Flops – Built in orthotic/arch support. Whole size in black or tan in either Womens or Mens. -Tina C / Jessica F
  • Swollen, Bloated, Puffy Book – Barbara H/ Nancy B
  • 5 pound bag of Canandian lake grown wild rice ($40 value) Tracy W / M

Dog Training Prize

  • Separate drawing for dog training lessons for the most #movethatlymph with pets posts – Tracey K / Terry M

Child Prize

Mystery Box – Age and gender appropriate based on winner under 18 via Toyaholic (Wife has Lymphedema) – Kat J/ Heather O

Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club Shirt Winners

These gifts were generously donated by Gina S.

  • Edith Z
  • Heather O
  • Jennifer C
  • Leah H
  • Amy D
  • Jeff D
  • Carol M


Congratulations to all of our finalists for putting in the hard work and sweat for the challenge.

Marti D Diane L Nancy B Leah H Donna B Bridget R Terry M
Judy C Ellen W Lisa P Jamie C Jess V Susan S Alice W
Jennifer G Tina C Judy B Jessie S Maria D Kimberly P Gina S
Kylie K Jessica F Stephanie S Alicia A Karen B Terri K Lulu T
Edith Z Gisele D Tracy W Laura P Natasha M Carol M Barbara H
Nikki M Jeanette S Deborah W Cheryl B Gabriella B Rita I Jessica C
Jessica A Katrina R Sharon J Amy D

Thank You!

On behalf of the LRFC, we want to thank all of our donors for their generosity and goodwill towards the Lymphedema community. This is a group of Lymphies helping Lymphies with encouragement, support, and sense of camaraderie.

A special thank you to Juzo for being our first corporate sponsor for the #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge and believing in us. Compression is critically important to lymphedema management as well as exercise.


Lymphie Strong


  1. Thank you to Juzo and all the other donors, for your sponsorship of this challenge. Being recognized for our ability to take control of our fitness is so important. It is one aspect under our control in our journey to our own best health.

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