Living Life to the Fullest

Living Life to the Fullest – Josh

Yoga is probably one of the most universal forms of exercise and has proven to be very beneficial for many people with Lymphedema. 

Yoga in the park? You’ve seen it done in movies, and I’m sure on several yoga DVDs. Heck, it’s on my own personal bucket list. Well, this dude does it, Lymphedema dude Joshua

Here’s Joshua’s story: 

My name is Joshua Aka lymphedema dude I’m now 36 years I was diagnosed at 23 with primary Lymphedema. The swelling is from my toes up to my knee in my left leg. 

   I was seen by three doctors before a endocrinologist gave me my diagnosis. At the time all was told was the no cure, to wear compression and to prop my legs up when possible.

   I was also born with Noonan’s syndrome when I have found out that many NS patients develop lymphedema. 

   After my diagnosis I went through many years of self denial and depression. The result was I developed a life for unhealthy eating and inactivity naturally I gained weight. I found myself standing five foot and weighing 296lbs. 

After years of misteating my body I now though my continuing yoga practice, clean eating and self MLD I’m taking of myself & my LE. I now advocate for Lymphedema & Noonan’s syndrome awareness as well a healthy life style. 

Joshua has been such an inspiration to so many that when he takes a break from posting his daily Yoga poses, we all miss him! Where is Lymphedema Dude? Ha! 
He also recently completed his first 5K as part of The Lymphedema Running Club.

Lymphedema Dude is a trailblazer. Follow Josh on Instagram at lymphedema dude – You will be inspired!

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