Living Life to the Fullest

Living Life to the Fullest – Jennifer

Resuming the segment of the blog that features everyday Lymphies defeating the odds, the next post is about Jennifer from Zürich, Switzerland. Lymphedema affects people worldwide, and it is great to get an international perspective. 

Here is Jennifer’s story in her own words:

“I am 26 years old and my LE was diagnosed when I was 12 years old. It’s primary. Have it in all toes, both feet, legs and now in my right butt cheek and in my back. The first doctor I went to had no clue about LE. He knew what it was, but he didn’t know how to treat it. All he said was, that I should lose weight. 

I wasn’t overweight, but I did what he said, because I was only a young girl and he was the doctor. I lost a lot of weight and that’s how my eating disorder began. I was so skinny (45kg) but absolutely nothing happend with my LE. My mom send me to rehab, because I refused to eat. In rehab I reached 53kg and could go back home. 

My mom found a great doctor for my LE (after a long search). The doctor recommended an LE therapist. I started therapy, 3 times a week MLD and wrapped 24/7 for a bit more than 7 weeks. It was so great. I was so grateful to get help. I got compression stockings, and I can’t imagine my life without them. I’m still fighting against my eating disorder, but I have it under control. The therapists said that that would also be a lifelong fight. I have an appointment in June ’16 to talk about LE surgery. I’ll see if that works for me. I see LE no longer as my enemy, it’s part of my body and I learned to see it as a challenge and a mission to spread awareness!” – Jennifer MacNamara 

Jennifer joined the Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group on April 8, 2016 and has inspired so many with her enthusiasm and positive outlook on life. Thank you for sharing your story and journey with us, Jennifer. 


  1. How good it is to hear how positive you are about you and your condition. Until lymphoedema is recognised worldwide for what it is and the damage it can do we will never get medics etc to understand how vital research and treatment are

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