My approach to self care is to do my own personal research to find out what might work for me. The following is a list of books I have read that relate to lymphedema treatment specifically, while others are for overall wellness or fighting inflammation.

We all have different types of lymphedema. As soon as I say one book is the best, someone else will attest that a different one completely changed their life. There are no two people exactly alike or with the same lymphedema. You owe it to your uniqueness to look at your options and decide for yourself, or with your CLT, where you want to start. Never forget that while we are traveling a journey together, we each have our own paths.

If I am missing a book that you might recommend, please drop it in the comments. Click on each title to view the description and full details.

Happy Reading!

Lymphedema & Inflammation Fighting Strategies

Lymphedema and Lipedema Nutrition Guide: foods, vitamins, minerals, and supplements
by Chuck Ehrlich (Author), Emily Iker (Author), Karen Louise Herbst (Author), Linda-Anne Kahn (Author), Dorothy D. Sears (Author), Mandy Kenyon (Author), Elizabeth McMahon (Author)

The Complete Lymphedema Management and Nutrition Guide: Empowering Strategies, Supporting Recipes and Therapeutic Exercises
by Jean LaMantia RD (Author), Ann DiMenna PT CDT (Author), Ewa Szumacher MD FRCP(C) Med (Foreword)

Lymphedema after cancer: stile_compresso
by Anna Maisetti (Author)

Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle
by Gin Stephens (Author), Dr. Kenneth Power (Foreword)

From Our Coaches’ Kitchens: Ketolicious for Lipedema Holiday Cookbook
by Megan Pfeffer (Author), Mende Staggs (Author), Catherine Seo (Author), Raeann Sparks (Author), Brenda Gold (Author), Carol Rowsemitt (Author), Leslyn Keith (Author)

Learning more and connecting with others can be a source of support and comfort.

Visit our lymphedema groups to find what’s right for you.

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