Lymphedema Distichiasis Syndrome Lymphatic Capillaries

Note: I am just a patient. Many patients with lymphedema distichiasis syndrome stumble upon my page for information. The link sourced below was very helpful, and I hope it helps someone else.

Lymphedema Distichiasis Syndrome – Those of you who have LDS like me might find this interesting. My ICG makes total sense now. The genetic marker for this is a double row of eyelashes, anywhere from mildly irritating to causing cornea damage from scratches.

“Normal lymphatic capillaries (light blue) are devoid of smooth muscle cells, whereas the collecting lymphatic vessels are surrounded by a smooth muscle cell layer (orange), which pumps the lymph forward. They also contain valves that prevent the backflow of the lymph.

The lymphatic capillaries in the legs of patients who have FOXC2 mutations are abnormally shaped and surrounded by smooth muscle cells. This prevents the efficient uptake and flow of the lymph. Lack of valves in the collecting lymphatics leads to lymph backflow.”

Image source 📸 by Paula Saarinen
Source Link 🔗 http://www.innovations-report.com/html/reports/medicine-health/report-32621.html

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