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I am so thrilled to announce that for November Lymphie Strong teamed up with Italian author Anna Maisetti / Instagram Patient Advocate stile_compresso for an exclusive, sponsored random gift book giveaway. Anna is a fierce patient advocate who has inspired thousands on Instagram to flaunt their compression and be body positive.

Body Positive Catwalk

My friends @the_lympha and @stile_compresso are FEARLESS!! Love them both. #LymphFamBam #lymphiestrong #movethatlymph

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Today was an amazing and empowering day. 🌟
For most of my adult life I was ashamed of my leg. I hid it under long and wide trousers. I never talked about my leg. It was the 5th unruly member of the family. I can not believe how far I have come to actually walk a @bodypositivecatwalk today infront of thousands of people at the @duomodimilano. Hundreds of women and some men proudly walked today to show the world they are proud of their body, they are empowered and strong. 💪🤸‍♀️ Along with my fellow patient Anna of @stile_compresso we walked in bandages and compression stocking to highlight our lymphedema and raise awareness of our condition.
THANK YOU to the organisers @lovecurvy__laurabrioschi and @_paolo_patria_ 🌟 great job. See you next year. Fellow patients…join me and Anna!! #flauntyourcompression #lymphedema #lymfødem #linfedema

In Her Own Words

Listen as Anna explains what inspired her to write the book.


This book is now available on Amazon US, so Anna sent me 3 books. One as a gift to me, and two were given away here in the United States.

Follow her on Instagram at stile_compresso: https://instagram.com/stile_compresso

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