Dr. Wei F. Chen Joins Lymphie Strong Facebook Group

A study on the vascularized lymph vessel transfer was just published by Dr. Wei F. Chen, et al. I obtained permission to share on Lymphie Strong. Dr. Chen wants to educate, so please feel free to share and repost.

“Vascularized lymph vessel transfer, also known as lymph node transfer 2.0, has shown very promising results in patients with advanced lymphedema who were not candidates for LVA supermicrosurgery, and yet is less invasive and carries lower risk of causing donor site lymphedema than the lymph node transfer!

Now lymphedema patients have another effective treatment alternative, in addition to the conventional LVA and lymph node transfer.”

Full article here:

We want to thank Dr. Chen for regularly posting and sharing his knowledge in our Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group for Lymphedema on Facebook.

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