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Kristen Shay Ryan is my Motivation Monday this week.

Kristen messaged me one day earlier this year and said “Vern, I want to get up off the couch. Do you think it’s possible for me to do a #MOVETHATLYMPH challenge?” My answer is always the same—“Anything is possible if you put in the work, time, and effort.” That’s what I firmly believe.

The #MOVETHATLYMPH challenges are not about weight loss, being the fastest, or achieving perfection. None of my groups are about that. We are about people living with lymphedema or lymphatic disease, and the struggles we endure to try to find what works for us.

Now, there is something else called self confidence. It cannot be measured by a stopwatch, a Fitbit, or a measuring tape. It’s deep inside your heart and in the pit of your guts.

Kristen has it and she’s glowing.

So far she’s completed two challenges this year and was a random drawing winner in the summer challenge. Did Kristen get upset when she couldn’t fit into the off the shelf prize? Nope. She said “Vern, send me bandages.” Juzo sent her 2 sets of bandages, and she kept on going for the 5K.

Kristen went from essentially 0 steps per day to over 3K during the course of both challenges, which was 3 months. She completed her first 5K ever by splitting up the steps over time. Has she struggled? Of course, we all do. Is she getting closer and closer to the end of her happy road every single day? You bet!

This is not the end of her story. Mark my words. It’s only just beginning!

Please join me in encouraging her.

Are you the next participant in the #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge?

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